MultiVersus: How to Get and Use Prestige Points

Prestige Points is a new type of currency in MultiVersus that is needed to unlock rarer cosmetics. Find out how to get this currency here.

Prestige Points in Multiversus is a new premium currency that can be used to unlock the rarest cosmetics there is to offer. For example, there’s a Batman Who Laughs and Beach Harley Quinn Prestige Cosmetic that requires you to spend some Prestige Points. Unlike Gleamium, you can not purchase this currency using real money. Instead, there’s a different and unique way to get it. Learn everything about how to get Prestige Points, how to use it, and more below.

How to Get Prestige Points in Multiversus

Prestige Points can be obtained by unlocking new Skins (or Variants), Emotes, Ringout, Banners, etc. Basically, every cosmetic item that you purchase has an unknown Prestige value associated with it. So unlocking any of them will reward you with the respective amount of Prestige Points. The value varies depending on the rarity of the item. That means you will receive fewer points if it is a common or uncommon cosmetic. However, you will net relatively higher Prestige Points in Multiversus if it is a Rare, Epic, or Legendary cosmetic.

How to Use Prestige Points

using prestige points in Multiversus
Prestige Store featuring the rarest cosmetics. Image Credits to Batpool Gaming

To use Prestige Points, you can simply head over to the Prestige Store > Store menu in Multiversus. From there, you can purchase some of the most elusive cosmetics using your accumulated points.

It should be noted that players who purchased cosmetics in the Open Beta phase are getting Prestige Points in the Global Release version. So if you are a returning player, make sure to log in before the store refreshes.

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