Genshin Impact: How to Get Fate Points (Explained)

Trying to get the signature weapon for your newly pulled character in Genshin Impact? Well, you should know about Fate Points to improve your chances at it.

Genshin Impact, at its core, is a gacha game, and as such, players who are just starting can have trouble grasping a lot of its mechanics. One of the many questions you might have is how to get Fate Points or even what they are. If you are completely new then you must have seen various banners, one of them is Epitome Invocation in which you select the weapon to increase your chances of getting, that is where fate points come in. So here is everything you should know about how it works.

How to Get Fate Points in Genshin Impact

How To Get Fate Points In Genshin Impact
Screenshot: Gamer Tweak. How you can get Fate points by pulling weapons in Genshin Impact.

You get Fate Points each time you pull a 5-star weapon that is not your choice. We will check what these are exactly in a bit, but to understand them, you first need to get them.

You can get a maximum of 2 Fate Points each time you get a weapon for which you did not chart a course. The third time you pull a 5-star weapon, you are guaranteed to receive the one you selected during Epitomized Path.

What are Fate Points and Epitomized Path?

There are two main banners in Genshin Impact. One is for the current run of new or returning characters, and the other is for weapons, known as Epitome Invocation. Here, you can wish for two 5-star weapons or four 4-star weapons.

In this banner, the Epitomized Path mechanic comes into play, where you have to choose a weapon and chart your course for it. Once you do and you start making wishes or pulling these weapons, you may eventually get a 5-star weapon. When the weapon you get is not the one you wanted, you get Fate Points. This mechanic exists so that you are guaranteed to pull the weapon of your preference eventually and don’t have to keep pulling the other weapon.

Do Fate Points Reset in Genshin Impact and How?

Yes, Fate Points do reset in this game. The three cases when your Fate Points reset are:

  • When the current Epitome Invocation banner ends and the weapons reset.
  • When you change the choice of your weapon.
  • When you successfully pull the weapon that you wanted.

That is all for how Fate Points work in Genshin Impact. Do note these are not the same as Intertwined or Acquaint Fate which are used to when making wishes. While you are here also check our guide on how to get Primogems fast.