Sol’s RNG: How To Get Exotic Aura

The Exotic aura in Sol’s RNG is one of the most sought-after Auras in the game. Here’s how you can get it and use it to craft other items.

Although this game is packed with some powerful Auras like the Solar Aura, Gargantua Aura, and the Impeached Aura, players have been wondering how they can obtain the Exotic Aura in Sol’s RNG. Moreover, once you have obtained this elusive Aura, you will be able to craft one of the best recipes in the game.

However, getting it won’t be that easy and many players have been struggling to find out how they can quickly get it. To help you with this, we have mentioned what are the chances of you getting this Aura and how you can increase it. Additionally, also find out what you can craft with it in this game.

How to Get Exotic Aura in Sol’s RNG

How To Get Exotic Aura In Sol's RNG
Image Credits – Sol’s RNG Wiki

The Exotic Aura in Sol’s RNG is the 40th aura listed in the collection and even though you can roll it any time during the day on any map, there is only a 1 in 99,999 chance of it being rolled. However, you can increase your chances of getting it by using certain items.

One of them will be using the Luck Potions you find while exploring the islands. Another option will be visiting Jake’s Workshop and getting some luck-boosting items like Solar Device, Luck Glove, and Eclipse Device.

If you have been successful in pulling the Exotic Aura, your screen will turn pitch black and you will notice a star appear. After this, the star slowly starts increasing in size, and for a second, a rainbow is created. This will quickly explode and a crack appears on the screen, once it shatters, you will see that you have obtained the Aura you want.

Additionally, players can also roll the mutated version of the Exotic Aura, which is Exotic APEX. There is a 1 in 49,999,500 chance of rolling this powerful Aura in Sol’s RNG.

How to Use Exotic Aura in Sol’s RNG

Exotic Aura in Sol’s RNG can be used to craft Exo Gauntlet. If you don’t know about this item, Exo Gauntlet is one of the best luck-boosting items in the game as it increases your luck by 100% and reduces your roll cooldown by 25%. Along with the Aura you just learned about, these are all the items you will need for this crafting recipe:

  • x3 Gear Basing
  • x3 Gilded
  • x2 Precious
  • x2 Magnetic 
  • x1 Sidereum
  • x1 Undead
  • x1 Exotic

Once you have collected all of these, you can craft Exo Gauntlet in Sol’s RNG and enjoy its benefits.

We have covered everything you need to know about how you can obtain Exotic Aura in Sol’s RNG. If you found this guide informational, check out how you can expand your storage and learn how you can get Hell Biome.