How To Get Hell Biome In Sol’s RNG

Looking to enter the Hell Biome in Sol’s RNG? This guide is all you will need to try reaching this biome in the Roblox game.

One of the most interesting biomes that players will want to enter is the Hell Biome in Sol’s RNG. While you will need luck to Roll the best auras, you would also want to visit different biomes since they will contain some useful auras. However, getting some of the best auras is not as difficult as getting the biome of your choice.

There are numerous biomes and auras and their drops are completely random which is why players are finding it hard to get into the ones they want. Since the game does not reveal a lot of information, players are often confused and while there aren’t a lot of details that players need, you would want some to get forward. Luckily, like most Roblox games, you can look into Sol’s RNG Trello.

How to Enter Hell Biome in Sol’s RNG

How To Get Hell Biome In Sol's RNG Roblox
Image via Sol’s RNG on Roblox

The Hell Biome in Sol’s RNG has a 1/6,666 chance of spawning every second and as anyone would imagine, it’s filled with lava lakes and red trees that bring out the hell of the place. Whenever the Biome is rolled, players will be notified in the chat on the top-left-hand corner. Players might find it easier to join the Discord Server and look for a private server for the Hell Biome.

However, there are four auras that are unique to this location and players wanting to collect them will have to reach the biome somehow. These auras are:

  • Undead – 1/12,000 chance (.05%)
  • Undead: Devil – 1/120,000 chance (.00083%)
  • Hades – 1/1,666,666 chance (.000015%)
  • BLOODLUST – 1,300,000,000 chance (.000002%)

That’s all you will need to get the Hell Biome in Sol’s RNG. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Roblox guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.