Roblox Sol’s RNG: How To Get Impeached Aura

Are you looking for the Impeached aura in Sol’s RNG? This guide is all you will need if you are looking for that.

The Impeached aura in Sol’s RNG is one of the rarest and one of the most difficult to get your hands on. Since you are looking for it, you would need a lot of luck to land it and even with that, the drop still has an immensely difficult chance. However, if you are in the Corrupted biome the chances might improve by more than 50%.

But the chances of the biome spawning are far slimer than any aura, as you may have experienced if you have tried to enter the Hell biome. So, the only way for you to have any hope is to keep rolling while trying your luck. One of the eye-catching parts of this aura is its ability that will spawn a giant star. Hence, many players are trying to get their hands on the Impeached aura in the Roblox game.

How to Get Impeached Aura in Sol’s RNG

How to Get Impeached Aura in Sol's RNG
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To get Impeached aura in Sol’s RNG players will have a 1 in 200,000,000 chance of rolling it with a breakthrough and a 1 in 40,000,000 chance of rolling in the Corruption biome. While there was an April Fools version of this aura named “i’m peach” in Era 6, it has been removed in Era 7 and players can no longer get it. Fortunately, that means players will no longer be confused with the funny version and can focus on getting the real one.

While the Native Rarity might make it easier for you, that would mean getting into the Corrupted biome. As mentioned earlier, this aura has a special ability that players can use with the 40-second cooldown time. The ability spawns a giant star on the ground to mark where the sword will fall.

That’s all you will need on how to get Impeached aura in Sol’s RNG. Since the game has numerous such mechanics, players might find it confusing so fortunately Sol’s RNG Trello will come in handy. For more such Roblox guides, check out our dedicated section while you are here at Gamer Tweak.