How To Eat Snacks In GTA 5 & Where To Get Them

Eating Snacks is important in GTA 5 as it’s the only way to recover health. So here’s how you can get food items and eat them easily.

Unlike in the Story Mode, eating snacks is your primary way of replenishing health in GTA 5 Online. And you will be doing it more often as cheats are disabled for GTA Online. Eventually, you will also run out of all the eatables in your inventory. That’s when you will feel the need to purchase and restock them. To help you with that, we have made this special guide for you. Scroll down and learn how to eat snacks and how to get them in GTA 5.

How to Get Snacks in GTA 5

To get Snacks, you will have to purchase them from a Convenience Store. Actually, all the Convenience Stores on the map allow you to restock your inventory with consumables. However, you will have to pay your hard-earned cash for that. Other than the stores, you can get snacks for free by visiting any Agency or Autoshop in GTA 5.

How to Get Snacks in GTA 5
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How to Eat Snacks in GTA 5 (Interaction Menu)

Now that you know how to get Snacks, you can eat them by opening the Interaction Menu > Inventory > Snacks. You will find all of your collected snacks on this menu. To eat, you just need to hover the cursor above it and press the prompted button below. After consuming a food item, you will recover a chunk of your health bar.

How to Eat Snacks in GTA 5

Apart from this, there’s an alternate shortcut way of eating snacks in GTA 5 as well. For that, you will need to open the Weapon Wheel by holding Tab (on PC), LB (on Xbox), and L1 (on PS4 & PS5). Once in the Weapon Wheel, press the Up button on the D-pad. This will make your character consume any food item instantly.

How to Open Interaction Menu on PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S and PC

If you are having trouble figuring out the controls for opening the Interaction Menu on your PC or Console, then check out below to learn about it:

  • On PC: Press the M Key
  • On Xbox X/S: Press the View Button
  • On PS4 & PS5: Press the Touchpad

That’s all you can do to get and eat snacks in GTA 5 Online. Even after being a decade-old game, you can miss out on several things. I suggest you take a look at our dedicated section for GTA 5 Guides where we have covered plenty of helpful content.