GTA Online: How To Get An Agency

Check out this guide if you want to start your own agency in GTA online.

GTA 5 is the most popular open-world game since its release almost a decade ago. Besides story mode, this game features an online mode where a variety of activities can be done. One of the recent updates in the game introduces a new Agency feature in the game. This guide showcases the steps to buy an Agency and its best location in GTA Online.

How to Get an Agency in GTA Online

An agency is a property that can be purchased online in the game. It allows you to run your business in the game that may include contracts from some VIP clients for either security or investigative purpose. Follow the steps below to purchase an agency and earn lots of money:

How to get an Agency in GTA 5
Image Source – Light Skin Gaming (Youtube)
  1. Switch on your mobile phone by pressing the up arrow key.
  2. Access the Internet browser and click on Dynasty8 Executive.
  3. Click on Enter Site.
  4. An office map will open showing various locations for purchasable agencies.
  5. Hover the cursor over the desired agency for its information.
  6. Keep the cursor over the location and click on the Buy From button.
  7. Another page will open that will allow players to customize their agency.
  8. These customizations include Art, Highlights, Wallpaper, Armory, Accommodation, and a Vehicle Workshop.
  9. The customizations cost extra money.
  10. After customizing, click on the Buy button to Purchase the agency.
  11. Open the in-game map and travel to your agency.
  12. Stand on the blue mark to begin the introductory cutscene by Franklin.

Best Location to Buy an Agency

Most of the players purchase the most expensive agency, Hawick which costs $2,830,000. The majority of the players think that the most costly one is probably the best agency to purchase. That is not true, in GTA 5, the agency is considered to be the best if it gets you more contracts. Luckily in GTA Online, Lost Seoul which is the cheapest among all the agencies is the perfect agency that is closer to most of the contracts in the game. There are lots of missions near the Lost Seoul that offers recovery missions for Assets, vehicles, and other valuables. It is also closer to the Rescue missions and the Liquidized Assets. Overall, Lost Seoul is the ideal location to purchase an agency in GTA Online as it gives the highest Return on Investment.

That’s everything you should know before you buy an agency in GTA Online. If you find this guide helpful, then make sure to check our other articles on GTA 5.