Stardew Valley: How To Get Duck Feather

Collect Duck Feather and dye your clothes or sell it to earn extra cash in Stardew Valley.

Duck Feather of Stardew Valley is a unique item that players use for dyeing clothing items and is sold for a good price. The item is not required for any quest or recipe, but its selling cost makes it desirable for players. It gives a minimum of 250g when sold and is easier to obtain than it seems, so read along and collect as many Duck Feathers as you can and become rich in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Duck Feather in Stardew Valley

Collect Duck Feather In Stardew Valley

There are three ways to get Duck Feather in Stardew Valley. The first method is to get it from the source, which is a duck in this case. The second way is to purchase it from the Traveling Cart. Lastly, get it from Villagers. You can learn about these methods in more detail below.

Get Duck Feather From Duck

To get the Feather from a Duck, you have to maintain their mood, get to a certain level of friendship and have some degree of daily luck. The better the mood of the animal, the higher the chance of a drop. Pay attention to their happiness and they will drop feathers on their own. Then just take it and add it to your inventory.

Purchase it from Traveling Cart

You can find a Traveling Cart on Fridays and Sundays at specific hours in the south of Cindersap Forest farm. The price of the feather can range anywhere from 700g to 1250g. If you are lucky, you might get Duck Feather for an even cheaper price. Additionally, the Merchant carries standard and sometimes special stock, so you might even find some interesting items by going through its cart.

Get it From Villagers

There is a chance that the Statue of Endless Fortune will give out this item on Leo’s birthday. And if the player is married to Emily, she might also gift you the feather. The chance of getting Duck Feather from these two methods is lower, so it is best to opt for one of the above ways.

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