How To Get The Crucifix In Demonologist

Protect yourself by getting a Crucifix in Demonologist.

Horror fans are having the time of their lives. Games like Sons of The Forest and RE4 Remake have performed beyond any expectations but no one saw Demonologist coming. The indie-horror game by Turkish Developer Clock Wizard Games lets you investigate abandoned homes, hunting for supernatural entities. Players can choose from 13 unique items to help them and their friends exorcise the demons. Let’s look at how you can get and use the Crucifix in Demonologist.

How to Get the Crucifix in Demonologist

how to get crucifix in demonologist

The Crucifix is one of the 13 items you can use to protect yourself while looking for ghosts in Demonologist. It can be purchased from the item shop at the start of the game. Players will have to complete missions and challenges to earn money in the game. You can then use it to buy yourself a Crucifix from the item shop.

Players can only carry one Crucifix at a time but we recommend you always buy one for every mission you start. The Crucifix is one of the most vital items you can use in Demonologist. While you’re looking for the supernatural entity, equip your Crucifix to hold out.

If the entity rushes towards you to kill, the crucifix will repel the spirit and give you just enough time to escape. However, this will shatter the Crucifix and you’ll not be able to use it for the rest of the hunt. You can get a new one at the item shop for your next hunt.

The Crucifix is one of the few items you can use to protect yourself from the spirits in Demonologist. Players can also use Sanity Pills to help them make it through long hunts. The pills can be taken to keep your Sanity in check. The Crucifix and other tools can help players survive in Demonologist.

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