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How To Use A Voodoo Doll In Demonologist (Explained)

Here's your guide on how to use a Voodoo Doll in Demonologist.

Are you wondering how to use a Voodoo Doll in Demonologist? Then check out this guide as we have you covered right here. One of the latest additions to the game, Voodoo Doll is quite interesting and players would definitely love to check it out. It will make your experience while in the game a bit more horrific. Of course, it has its uses apart from making things difficult for you. So if you have noticed this doll around and want to understand how it works, we recommend you keep reading below.

How to Use Voodoo Doll in Demonologist

Demonologist Voodoo Doll Guide

Voodoo Doll is one of the latest tools that were dropped in the new update. The main purpose of the Voodoo Doll is to trigger a reaction from the entities and help you identify the entity in Demonologist. If you are having a stroke of bad luck with looking for clues and signs, the Voodoo Doll would come into play almost like the Ouija Board.

Once you find the Voodoo Doll and pick it up in Demonologist, you can push the nails into the doll to get a reaction. The challenging part of this tool is that the nails will be pushed in at random and if somehow you push the nail into the heart, you will have an instant hunt on your hands. So the safest way to use it is by having a Crucifix around you.

Having said that, you must understand that this is a high risk situation and you will have to be prepared at all times. However, if you are struggling to find the entity for a long time, you can use the doll with caution.

That’s all there is on how to use a Voodoo Doll in Demonologist. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Demonologist guides right here at Gamer Tweak.