How to Get Red Chest Copper Keys in Palworld

Stumbled upon the mysterious glowing red chest, but don’t have the Copper Keys in Palworld? Here is where and how to get those.

Copper Keys in Palworld is one of the few keys that unlock rare chests of the Palpagos Islands. It is used to unlock the glowing red chest which we find during exploration. Unlike the purple and gold, they usually don’t give you hundreds of Coins but often reward you with Schematic. Bowler Hat and Old Bow are some of the many Schematics we get from it.

Pal Sphere, Arrows, and varieties of consumables are included in the list of items you can get from it. Since Silver and Copper chests have a red glow, you might discover the other one during the search; fortunately, these listed methods work for both.

Where to Find Copper Keys in Palworld

Where to Find Copper Keys in Palworld
Image Credit: Mon Facts on YouTube

Leezpunk and Raids

Once you have settled and built your base, it is just a matter of time before NPCs and Pals will start raiding there. Unless you have disabled the toggle from World Settings it will be frequent. Although it is difficult to defend your camp every time, winning against the enemy is quite rewarding. One of the Pals that attack you is Leezpunk, which has the chance of dropping both Silver and Copper Keys.

It is not unusual to collect 3 to 4 keys after defeating just a bunch of the Leezpunks. Additionally, you have the opportunity to catch these Pals during it. Unlock and craft an Alarm Bell to get alerted whenever these attacks happen.

Defeat Alpha Pals and Bosses

The drop rate is low, but it is possible to get Copper Keys after beating the Alpha Pals and bosses like Mammorest. Plus, it is more likely to obtain the Silver one from these opponents.

Open Gold and Purple chests

These chests usually contain ample Gold Coins and Pal Spheres, yet once in a while, you will find keys in them. Due to their random nature, there is no fixed rate, but it is worth the try.

This wraps up our how to get Copper Keys in Palworld guide. New to the Palpagos Islands and are curious to learn more about it? Check out our dedicated section and navigate through major locations with this POIs list.