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How To Get Colored Name In MW2

Wondering about the colored name tags of other players? Check out our guide on how to get the Colored Name in COD Modern Warfare (MW) 2.

The recent launch of the COD Modern Warfare 2 features a plethora of changes. These include unlocking the different Operators, camo designs, camo designs, and several other elements. One of these factors also includes getting a colored name tag. With several players having a colored tag, several players are looking to change or get a colored name in Modern Warfare 2. For your relief, there’s a quite simple way to do so. So, check out our guide on how to change or get a colored name in MW2.


How to Change or Get a Colored Name in MW2

You can change or get a colored name tag by using the Clan Tag function in Modern Warfare 2. Clan Tags are the name tags for your affiliated groups or teams that play together. Follow the below steps to get a colored name:

  • Firstly, head over to the Player Account level section in the Main Menu. It is located at the extreme top-right of your screen next to the gear-shaped Settings icon.
  • Under that section, hit the Edit Clan tag menu to change your name tag.
  • To get the colored name, type an upward arrow button key (^) and the numbers from 0 to 9 or other symbols.
  • So, for example, your Clan name is GG. You have to type the following to change your colored name tag: ^1GG. 
how to change or get colored name mw2
Image Source – vicuna2002 on YouTube.
  • This will change your name tag to Red. The different numbers and the symbols represent the different colors you can change your tag into.

Different Color Codes in Modern Warfare 2

  • ^0: Black
  • ^1: Red
  • ^2: Green
  • ^3: Yellow
  • ^4: Blue
  • ^5: Light Blue
  • ^6: Pink
  • ^7: White
  • ^8: Dark Blue
  • ^9: Dark Red

In addition to the above color codes, you can input several other symbols for more colors. As you input the below symbols, you can get the different colors for your name tags. So, here are the different symbols or signs that you can input.

  • Fullstop (.): Light Green
  • Apostrophe (‘): Grey
  • Asterisk (*): Purple
  • Percentage sign (%): Mint Green
  • Plus sign (+): Orange
  • Minus sign (-): Faded or Sky Blue
  • Semicolon (;): Navy Blue

But make a note to input the upward arrow sign (^) before you input the numbers or symbols and the clan. In addition to the colored name tags, you can also change your Clan tag. Check out our guide on how to edit your Clan tag for more insight.


That’s everything covered about how to change or get a colored name in MW2. If you liked this guide, check out more guides on how to check your K/D ratio, how to get MGB Nuke, and more COD Modern Warfare II Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.