How To Get Clown Pin In Brawl Stars

Here is a guide on how to claim and get Clown Pin in Brawl Stars.

With the latest Bizzare Circus update, players can get their hands on a brand new cosmetic namely the Clown Pin in Brawl Stars. Pins are cosmetics that players can get and use in battles in the game. And while pins are usually obtained through Brawl Pass or by purchasing them from the catalog using Gems or Bling, the quirky Clown Pin is available for all players for free.

Having said that, we would recommend you to go through our Brawl Stars Tier List to play the best brawlers and make things easier for you in battles. With that out of the way, if you are looking to obtain the Clown Pin in the game, here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Claim Clown Pin in Brawl Stars

How To Obtain Clown Pin In Brawl Stars

To get the Clown Pin in Brawl Stars, players will have to have the latest version installed on their device. Once you have installed the Bizzare Circus update, here are the steps you can follow to obtain the pin for free in the game:

  • Visit the official Brawl Stars YouTube channel.
  • Head towards the Brawl Talk video about the Bizzare Circus update.
  • Here, in the description, you will come across the link to get the Clown Pin.
  • Simply tap on the link and it will redirect you to Brawl Stars.
  • After which tap on Confirm once the game asks if you wish to claim the reward now.
  • Once done, head towards your in-game inbox and tap on personal.
  • Here, select claim where it says Pin voucher redeemed in the game.
  • This will help you successfully redeem the Clown Pin in Brawl Stars as a reward.

Players can also skip to the end of the video to scan the code and obtain the Clown pin in the game. After which you can follow the same steps and claim the pin as a reward in Brawl Stars.

That’s everything covered on how to get Clown Pin in Brawl Stars. For more interesting guides like these check out our dedicated Mobile section, right here on Gamer Tweak.