Brawl Stars Tier List – Best Brawlers

Here is a Tier List of the Brawlers in Brawl Stars.

Looking for a Tier list of the best Brawlers to play in Brawl Stars? Look no further as you have come to the right place. I have made this Tier List so that you don’t have to. I have ranked every brawler based on every game mode and compiled them. They are Ranked from S+ Tier to D Tier, S being the best of the best and F being the worst Brawlers to play at the moment.

Brawl Stars Tier List of the Best Brawlers


S+ tier Maisie
S+ tier Fang
S+ tier Bonnie
S+ tier Chester
S+ tier Hank
S+ tier Leon
S+ tier Squeak
S+ tier Piper
S+ tier Mandy
S+ tier Sam
S+ tier Doug
S tier Willow
S tier Gray
S tier Janet
S tier Buster
S tier Otis
S tier Grom
S tier Spike
S tier Gene
S tier Brock
S tier Max
S tier Ruffs
S tier Gale
S tier Rico
S tier Sandy
S tier Griff
A tier Gus
A tier Lola
A tier Amber
A tier Bo
A tier Stu
A tier Byron
A tier Surge
A tier Larry & Lawrie
A tier Jessie
A tier Buzz
A tier Sprout
A tier Tick
A tier Rosa
A tier Emz
A tier Meg
A tier Edgar
A tier Tara
A tier Mr. P
A tier Jacky
B tier Colt
B tier El Primo
B tier Mortis
B tier 8-Bit
B tier Bea
B tier Nani
B tier Poco
B tier Crow
B tier Pam
B tier Belle
C tier Shelly
C tier Colette
C tier Bibi
C tier Nita
C tier Penny
C tier Lou
C tier Ash
C tier Carl
C tier Dynamike
C tier Bull
D tier Darryl
D tier Frank
D tier Barley

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