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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Clay

Know how to get clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what can you craft with it.

In this game characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, Ralph, Donald Duck, Merlin, Ursula, etc are ready to guide you throughout your journey. Moreover, it is possible to perform some extra activities other than completing story quests. Crafting is one such doable thing in this game that helps you to progress further. However, crafting an item requires certain materials that need to be found. The location of these materials is not marked on the map and finding it requires a bit of exploration. Clay is one of those materials required for crafting in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Know where to find and get this material in this game through our guide.

How to Get Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crafting is one important aspect while progressing further in the game. Although, the ideal spots for getting Clay are Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. These areas contain mud that gets you clay after digging it up. Once you get near the spot, use the shovel to dig the mud and collect the Clay. In the early stage of the game, you can collect plenty of clay from Glade of Trust as the area is already unlocked. However, Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands need to be unlocked by spending 7000x & 10,000x Dreamlight respectively. Dreamlights are mostly obtained by crafting them from Dream Shards using a Crafting Station at Scrooge McDuck’s Shop.

  • Here’s the list of items that includes Clay as one of the materials while crafting:
    • Brick – 5x Clay and 1x Coal
    • Sun-Baked Earthern Road – 1x Clay and 1x Soil
    • Broken Pillar Base – 15x Clay, 50x Stone, and 25x Soil
    • Broken Carved Pillar Base – 15x Clay, 50x Stone, and 25x Soil
    • Flower Pots – 6x Clay and 2x Soil
    • Mossy Circle-Carving Stone – 15x Clay, 50x Stone, and 25x Soil
    • Jubilant Topiary – 5x Clay, 5x Soil, 3x Pink Houseleek
    • Low Sculpted Pillar – 15x Clay, 50x Stone, and 25x Soil
    • Mossy Eye-Carving Stone – 15x Clay, 50x Stone, and 25x Soil
    • Mossy Fallen Pillar – 15x Clay, 50x Stone, and 25x Soil
    • Rustic Clock Tower – 200x Clay, 30x Iron Ingot, 100x Hard Wood, 100x Stone

That’s everything about Clay and how to get it in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides.