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How To Get Champagne In Far Cry 6 (Location & Abilities)

In this guide you'll learn how to unlock and use Champagne in Far Cry 6.

Champagne is one of the 7 unique Amigos in Far Cry 6. This majestic beast has a trait of stealth associated to it. Here’s more on how to unlock Champagne and how to use her abilities.

How to Unlock Champagne in Far Cry 6?

champagne far cry 6

You Unlock Champagne by buying the Vice pack which is part of either the Ultimate edition or Collector’s edition bundles in Far Cry 6. This is the only way you can add her to your amigos list. Champagne being a premium amigo, can’t be obtained for free in Far Cry 6. It’s worth buying Champagne in FC6 if you’re more along the stealth line type of player. Champagne simply enhances your gamestyle, giving you a more “royal” feel. Just imagine having an Albino Panther with a thick gold chain by your side taking down Castillo’s soldiers on command. All you need to do to get Champagne on your side is buy the Far Cry 6 Vice pack and get her through the DLC.

Champagne Abilities in Far Cry 6


Champagne has stealthy abilities. Additionally, she earns a lot of loot and a whole bag of pesos thanks to these very abilities. Here are all of Champagne’s abilities in Far Cry 6.

  • Greed is Good – You first need to kill 12 enemies to unlock this ability with Champagne as an amigo. Once you unlock it, Champagne’s takedown chances increase as your wealth does. This simply means that the more money that you have, the better will Champagne take enemies down.
  • Predatory Instinct – Get Champagne to kill 24 enemies to unlock the ability that should’ve just been called the money-maker. Once you unlock this ability, Champagne can then loot enemies.
  • Sonic Snarl – Champagne has to loot 1000 pesos in order to unlock this ability. Once you unlock this ability, Champagne has a percentage associated with her instincts that may lead her to let out a roar when she takes damage. This knocks down hostiles and enables her to get to safety.

How to Buy the Far Cry 6 Vice DLC?

vice dlc pack

Champagne is only available in Far Cry 6 to unlock as an amigo if you get the Far Cry 6 Vice Pack DLC. As of now, the only way you can get the vice pack DLC is by purchasing either the Ultimate edition or Collector’s edition of Far Cry 6. Now both these editions cost $119.99 and 199.99$ respectively. However, Champagne isn’t the only addition in these packs, with a whole lot of add-ons being part of them. Here you’ll find the contents of the Vice Pack DLC in Far Cry 6.

Vice Pack DLC Contents Far Cry 6

  • Champagne a White Panther Amigo
  • Convertible Vehicle
  • Golden Bullion Weapon Charm
  • Letter Opener Vehicle Accessory
  • Skorpion Weapon
  • The Miami Strip Outfit

You can choose to buy these or simply wait until Ubisoft eventually lets you purchase just the Vice pack DLC like they’ve done for similar DLCs in precious Far Cry games. As of now, there aren’t any missions that let you unlock these so it seems the purchase option is the only one you’ve got. Moreover, even if you did buy the Vice Pack or any of the other pre-order items, you will need to have some criteria fulfilled before you can go ahead and use it in-game.

That’s pretty much all there is to know about how to unlock Champagne in Far Cry 6. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you feel Champagne is a little too premium for your liking, you can always choose from the list of amigos in Far cry 6. Furthermore, if you’re planning on going for one of the premium editions, here’s a guide to explain the differences between Far Cry 6 editions.