How To Get Bond Points In FE Engage (Farming Guide)

Take a look at how you can farm & get Bond Points in FE Engage quickly.

FE Engage features 12 heroes from the past that can help you in the battle against the Fell Dragon. To do so make sure you unlock the Emblem Rings quickly and then raise your friendship with them. For those who are unaware, raising the Bond Level not only helps you unlock Proficiencies but also inherits various skills. However many players are struggling to obtain Bond Points in the game. If you are also running low on those, then we are here to help. So without any further ado let’s take a look at the ways to farm Bond Points in Fire Emblem Engage.

Ways to Farm Bond Points in Fire Emblem Engage

Ways to Farm Bond Points in Fire Emblem Engage

Here are all the ways that you can use to farm and get Bond Points in Fire Emblem (FE) Engage easily.

  • Engage in Arena Training
  • Equip Emblem Ring to Unit
  • Polish Rings
  • Bond Conversations

These were the ways that can help you earn Bond Points quickly. For a better understanding let’s take a look at the methods in detail.

Engage in Arena Training

Engaging in Arena Training with the Emblems is one of the best farming methods. To do so head to Somniel’s Arena and participate in the battle with the characters you want to raise your bond with. And as soon as the battle ends you’ll earn some Bond Points just like that. But before you head there make sure you have plenty of Bond Fragments with you. That’s because each battle will cost you some pieces of your hard-earned fragments, although it’s surely worth spending. Moreover, you can engage in Arena training battles as much as you want, as of now there’s no limit mentioned.

Equip Emblem Ring to Unit

Another way to farm and earn Bond Points in FE Engage is by simply equipping the units with the Emblem Rings. Once done, simply head into the battles and you’ll be good to go. This is the primary way used by many players to increase bond level quickly in the game.

Polish Rings

After taking the units to the battle, it’s necessary to remove the tarnish of battle from their rings. So we recommend you polish the rings whenever you get the time. Doing so will help you earn some Bond Points and deepen your existing Bonds. To do so, head to the Ring Chamber and interact with the center Pedestal. After that select the Polish Rings option and choose the ring that needs polishing the most. The current state of the ring is indicated by small emoticons.

Bond Conversations

If you are still looking for more bond points then don’t hesitate in having small talk with the units. A small chat with them can get you a good amount of points. To interact head to the Emblem selection tab and then select the units with yellow dialogue bubbles. Once done, it’ll trigger a short cutscene, and as soon as it ends you’ll receive the Bond Points you are looking for instantly.

That covers everything about how you can farm and get Bond Points in Fire Emblem Engage. If you don’t have that much of characters unlocked yet then check out this Units recruitment guide. Also, take a look at all the new & returning characters in the game.