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How To Farm Bond Fragments In Fire Emblem Engage

Check out our farming guide to get Bond Fragments fast in FE Engage.

Bond Fragments are important items in Fire Emblem Engage so players are looking for ways to farm them. In this tactical RPG, you will travel across the continent of Elyos recruiting Units and fighting enemies. The ultimate goal is to thwart the Fell Dragon’s rising by collecting Emblem Rings and increasing your characters’ strength. However, apart from Emblem Rings, you can also give your characters passive boosts by using Bond Rings. This guide will tell you where to get the Fragments needed to create and upgrade these rings.


How to Get Bond Fragments Fast (Farming Guide)

Bond Fragments in FE Engage

This 17th installment of the FE series has multiple mechanics to earn amazing rewards. As you progress through the game, you will get these fragments for completing chapters. However, there are certain mechanics that you can exploit to get them fast.


To farm Bond Fragments in FE Engage:

  • Complete Bulletin Board Activities at Somniel
  • Invest Gold in Kingdoms
  • Talk to Units during Post Battle Exploration
  • Pet and Feed Sommie
  • Participate in Activities at Somniel

Complete Bulletin Board Activities at Somniel

Once you complete Chapter 3, Cafe Terrace will unlock at the Somniel base. There, you can interact with a Bulletin Board to receive challenges. By completing them, you will be rewarded with loads of Bond Fragments and Gold. Interact with this board after every mission to check the challenges you already completed and their rewards.


Invest Gold in Kingdoms

Apart from challenges, you can also gain access to the Donation menu on the Bulletin Board. By investing Gold in the Kingdoms, you will reach the donation goal. And for doing so, you will receive these Fragments and other rewards.

Talk to Units during Post Battle Exploration

During your travels, you will participate in tons of battles. More so after unlocking the Paralogue missions. You can choose to ignore these side quests but they are one of the best ways to farm Bond Fragments in Fire Emblem Engage. After every battle, talk to your units, and they will give you the Fragments.


Pet and Feed Sommie

Sommie is an adorable NPC that you can befriend at the Grotto of Somniel after completing Chapter 4. Then, you can visit Sommie after every battle to feed or pet it. By doing so, you will obtain the Fragments.

Participate in Activities at Somniel

At the Somniel base, you can participate in several activities, which are mini-games, to earn rewards. These include Fishing, Strength Training, etc. to earn these fragments.

Using these fragments, you can do the following:

  • Create and Meld Bond Rings
  • Emblem Training
  • Engrave Weapons

That’s all from us on how to farm Bond Fragments in Fire Emblem Engage. For more helpful guides like How to Get Second Seals, check out our FE Engage section right away.