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Where To Get Second Seals In Fire Emblem Engage

Check out how to get Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage.

Second Seals is a special item in Fire Emblem Engage that allows you to change the base class of your unit. In this 17th installment of the FE series, you will battle formidable enemies across the continent of Elyos. Since this is a turned-based tactical RPG, you will need strong units to fight the strong bosses. Moreover, you’ll also have to be aware of the classes of your units and change them according to your team structure.


Where to Get Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage

Use Second Seals to Change Class in Somniel Inventory Menu

If you’ve just started the game then it’ll take a while before you come across this item. To permanently unlock Second Seals in FE Engage, you’ll have to reach and complete Chapter 18. Then you can buy Second Seals from the item shop in Somniel for 2,500 Gold. However, that’s not the only way.

  • You can also get this item by completing optional Paralogue missions. These are side quests that you can grind for rewards and Gold.
  • You can also get these seals by fighting battles. Once you defeat an enemy, you can loot them for rewards. Chances are you will stumble across these seals as a part of the loot.
  • Shops are the best place to get these seals and you don’t have to wait till Chapter 18 to get your hands on them. The item shop in Somniel regularly restocks useful items. According to our research, you can find the seals in the shop after completing Chapter 13 and Chapter 17. However, we recommend you check the shop after every battle and chapter.
  • Finally, you can check all the Treasure Chests to find Second Seals. Keep an eye out for them, especially during Eirika Paralogue in Chapter 17.

Using Second Seals

To use a Second Seal, you’ll need to upgrade your Unit to level 10. Then, press the “+ button” in Somniel and go to your Inventory. Now select that unit and choose Change Class. Here, you will see different classes and the Required Weapon Proficiency. Moreover, you can reset a unit’s class to level it further. We recommend you reset it after hitting the max level.


That’s all from us on where to get Second Seals in Fire Emblem Engage. For more helpful guides like How to Recruit Units, check out our FE Engage section right away.