Elden Ring: How To Get Better Armor

Here is how you can get better Armor in Elden Ring.

Having a good armor in Elden Ring is important but a better one will help you fight bosses and other enemies easily. Armor gives you protection against various types of attacks like physical, magical, fire, lightning, and more. And the more types of attacks it can protect you from, the better you would consider it. But you should also take things like its weight and the stats it needs into account. So in this guide check out how to get better armor in Elden Ring.

How to Get Better Armor in Elden Ring

things that make an armor better in elden ring

The only way to get Better Armor in Elden Ring is by changing your Armor altogether or altering an existing armor that allows it. In the original Dark Souls, you could spend your resources to upgrade your Armor pieces. That is your Helm, Chest, Gauntlets, and Leggings. But in Elden Ring, that is not an option. So the Armor you get decides the defensive stats you have.

There are mainly two things you need to keep in mind when getting yourself Armor in this game. The first is your Equip load. Having a Light load is optimal, that is equip load is less than 30%, but it really isn’t all that possible. So the next best equip load is between 30% to 70% and this is actually manageable. Not only can your armor reduce damage from enemy attacks with it, but your rolls and dodges are also decently fast. Anything above 70% is not recommended. If it goes above the 70% mark you should level up your Endurance to help increase your Equip load.

The next thing to consider is the enemy you are fighting. For example, Bull Goat Armor is excellent for having high poise. But if you equip it and venture out to explore areas with Scarlet Rot buildup, then that armor won’t be of much use. So the next thing to consider is where you are fighting what you need to defend yourself from.

A bonus thing to consider is also your character class. If you are an Astrologer that will cast sorceries from a distance. Then a Lionell armor won’t be of much use, and will mostly slow you down. Here is the type of armor each class should use:

  • Heavy and Medium Armor: Hero and Vagabond
  • Medium and Light Armor: Bandit, Warrior, Prisoner, and Samurai
  • Light Armor: Astrologer, Confessor, and Prophet
  • For the class Wretch, you should choose an armor based on the stats you upgraded and your play style.

Best Armor Sets to use in Elden Ring

Here are some of the best Armor sets that can be very useful in Elden Ring:

  • Blaidd’s Set
  • Bull-Goat Set
  • Carian Knight Set
  • Crucible Axe Set
  • General Radahn Set
  • Knight Set
  • Lionel’s Set
  • White Reed Set

Based on the above tips and your playstyle you should find these armor work the best for you.

That covers this guide on how to get better armor in Elden Ring. I suggest you also check out our Elden Ring section to get help on similar topics like the best Colossal Swords, armor with the highest defense, armor with the highest poise, and more.