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Elden Ring Best Colossal Sword (Recommended For PvP)

Here are the 2 best Colossal Swords that you must give a try in Elden Ring Colosseum.

When having a strength-focused character in Elden Ring, you should use Colossal Swords with them. These swords are powerful and can deal a lot of damage to enemies with just a few hits. But since the game has a lot of them to choose from, finding the right one can be tough. So in this guide check out the 2 best Colossal Swords in Elden Ring that you can use for PvP in the Colosseum.


Best Colossal Swords in Elden Ring

best colossal swords to use in elden ring

The two best Colossal Swords in the game right now are:

  • Watchdog’s Greatsword
  • Starscourge Greatsword

Here is why they might work for you:


Watchdog’s Greatsword

This is the sword I have even recommended for the best Colossal sword build. The biggest thing that is going for this sword is its versatility when it comes to weapon skills.

Now you might wonder why not go for the Greatsword instead. The reason is Watchdog’s Greatsword has a better Guard boost. Thus you lose less stamina when you block attacks. And if we are comparing the offensive capabilities, they are fairly on par, but the Greatsword wins by a relatively smaller margin. But Watchdog’s Greatsword does have fewer stat requirements.


Here are the damage stats of Watchdog’s Greatsword:

  • Physical damage: 142
  • Critical damage: 100

It scales with Strength and Dexterity. You need these stats to be able to use it:

  • Strength: 30
  • Dexterity: 10

As for its weapon skill, that isn’t an issue and you should change it to something you prefer using. And you can also buff it using Consumables and magic.

But if you want a better weapon that you doesn’t need customizations or buffing, then this next weapon might be for you.

Starscourge Greatsword

Starscourge Greatsword is a weapon that you can get fairly early to somewhat mid-game. You get it after defeating Radahn, you need to trade his remembrance to Enia for it. It can be very powerful for both the PvE and the PvP modes of this game. The weapon has the following damage stats:

  • Physical damage: 129
  • Magic damage: 83
  • Critical damage: 100

Unlike the Watchdog’s Greatsword, you need another stat for using Starscourge Greatsword. It scales with Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, so you must have at least:

  • Strength: 38
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Intelligence: 15

Finally, it gets the weapon skill Starcaller Cry. This skill is unique to Starscourge Greatsword. Using it, your character pulls out two swords and roars into the skies. This will charge up the swords and pull in any enemies nearby using a gravitational wave. You can attack again to follow up by slamming your charged swords on the enemies.

That covers this guide on the best Colossal Swords to use in Elden Ring for Colosseum. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the best colossal weapons. And for other help on this game check out our Elden Ring guides.