Elden Ring: Highest Defense Armor & Alternatives

Want to last longer in fights by taking more hits and having better defense? You should get yourself the armor with the highest defense in Elden Ring.

Having the armor with the highest defense will allow you to take several hits in Elden Ring. Sometimes the ability to take some extra hits can be a deciding factor in a boss fight. That is where the defense comes in. While every armor provides you with some form of defense, choosing the right armor will change how you fight enemies. So in this guide let us check the best armor with the highest defense in the game and some other alternatives for it.

Armor with Highest Defense in Elden Ring

armor with highest defense in elden ring

Lionel’s Set is the armor with the highest defense in the game. It is the armor that comes very close to Bull-Goat armor set in terms of defense and poise. Here are its stats.

  • Poise: 79
  • Combined Weight: 50.7 Weight
  • Damage Negation
    • Physical: 38.3
    • Strike: 35.7
    • Slash: 42.2
    • Pierce: 43.4
    • Magic: 29.3
    • Fire: 32.4
    • Lightning: 28.2
    • Holy: 29.3

The bull-Goat armor set is good but serves the purpose of being the armor with the highest poise. If you check the stats of that armor and compare it with Lionel you will see Lionel’s Set is better than it in slash, pierce, magic, fire, and holy damage negation. There is also quite a big difference in the combined weight of these two armors.

You can get the Lionel’s Armor Set in Leyndell, Royal Capital. Fast travel to the Lower Capital Church site of grace. Here you can find the set on a bed along with the Deathbed dress.

Armor options with High Defense

If Lionel’s Set wasn’t to your liking then you should try these sets.

  • Bull-Goat Armor Set: This goes without saying but this is the second-best armor with the best defense. And as mentioned before you will get the highest poise in the game with it. If you don’t have it already then check our detailed guide on how to get the Bull-Goat Set.
  • Veteran’s Set: This is a great option if you want a good defense, high poise, and lightweight armor. When compared to these previous two armors sets the combined weight of the Veteran’s Set is only 45. But it still gives you 79 poise. And the best part is it is quite easy to get as you can spend 18000 Runes to buy it from Enia. Do remember it will only be available after you kill Commander Niall.

Thanks to Fextralife for the information about these armors.

That covers this guide on the best armor with the highest defense in Elden Ring and its alternate options. If you like playing this game and need help on some other topics then check out our Elden Ring section. We have many guides here on various builds, locations, weapons, and more.