Elden Ring: How To get Bull Goat Armor Set & Its Location

Looking for a heavy armor set to use in Elden Ring? You should get the Bull-Goat Armor.

Bull Goat Armor set is a very good set that you can get in Elden Ring, especially useful if your character class is Vagabond or Hero. The set gives you 45 physical damage negation, 44.6 Strike damage negation, 40.2 Slash damage negation, and 40.2 Pierce damage negation. But this great defense comes at the cost of it being heavy. Hence, if you don’t mind a heavy armor set this is the one you should use. So in this guide let us check how to get the Bull-Goat Armor set in Elden Ring and its Location.

How to Get the Bull Goat Armor Set in Elden Ring

how to get bull goat armor set in elden ring and location
Image Credit: Neon Slice on YouTube

You can get the Bull Goat Armor Set by defeating Great Horned Tragoth. You can get to his location by using the Red summon sign near Magma Wyrm site of grace. To get to him you need to progress in Patches’ questline. Follow the steps below.

  1. Fast travel to the Murkwater Cave. You can easily get there by going east from the Gatefront site of grace.
  2. Go inside the small cave and enter the golden mist wall.
  3. Open the chest and this will trigger a boss fight with Patches.
  4. Don’t kill him in this fight instead just lower his health around half until he surrenders. Stop attacking him once he surrenders to unlock him as an NPC.
  5. Next, you need to get to the Volcano Manor. The best way would be to progress in Rya’s questline as she directly takes you to the manor, and it is the fastest way to get there.
  6. Once in the manor, talk to Tanith and Join Volcano Manor.
  7. She will give you the Drawing Room Key. Go there and pick up the Letter from Volcano Manor and complete the first assassination quest.
  8. After completing the quest talk to Patches to receive the Letter to Patches.
  9. After getting the letter, go to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice Overlook site of grace.
  10. Traverse the Golden Mist and fight the Magma Wyrm.
  11. After defeating Magma Wyrm rest at the Magma Wyrm site of grace.
  12. Behind the site, you will find a red summon sign.
  13. Use it and it will teleport you to the location of Great Horned Tragoth. Defeat him to get the set.
  14. The set consists of these items.
    • Helm
    • Armor
    • Gauntlets
    • Greaves

That covers this guide on how you can get the Bull-Goat Armor Set and its Location in Elden Ring. If you are looking for other armor sets then check out our guides on how to get the black wolf armor, radahn’s armor set, and banished knight armor set in this game.