How To Get Beldum In Pokemon GO And Beldum Evolutions

Looking to make your team stronger and add a Steel-type Pokemon to your team? You need to catch a Metagross.

Metagross is a Pseudo-legendary pokemon. A Pseudo-legendary pokemon is a fan term used to refer to pokemon which have a base stat of 600 and have a three-stage evolution. Metagross definitely qualifies in this list. Some other Pseudo-legendary pokemon include Dragonite, Tyranitar, and a few others. But here we will focus on getting Beldum.

Getting Beldum is important if you want to get your hands on a Metagross. As the evolution line is as follows: Beldum then Metang and finally Metagross. We insist on getting a Beldum first because it is relatively easier to get as compared to Metang or Metagross. So without further ado let’s check how to get Beldum.

How to Get Beldum in Pokemon GO

how to get beldum in pokemon go
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As per Silph Road, You can hatch 10km Adventure Sync Eggs to get a Beldum. Adventure Sync is an option that will help you to record the kilometers you traveled even when Pokemon GO app was closed. You can receive this egg when you walk 50km with Adventure Sync mode active. You can also try to use incense. Incense attracts pokemon towards your player’s location. Using a magnetic lure can be really helpful as it attracts Rock, Electric, and Steel-type Pokemon. You can use a magnetic lure on a Pokestop and since Beldum is a Steel-type pokemon, magnetic lure should help attract it.

Getting your hands on a Beldum is just the first step. You need 25 Beldum candies to evolve it into a Metang. Things get even tougher now because you will need 100 Beldum candies if you want to further evolve your Metang to a Metagross. Getting the candies can be a bit easier though if you have a Beldum because you can set it as your buddy. The buddy pokemon will find candies every 1, 3, and 5kms. In the case of Beldum, Metang, or Metagross they reward you with a candy every 5kms you walk.

Now that you know how to catch a Beldum which is quite a tedious task, why not take a break from it and focus on other pokemon? You should check out our guide on how to get Hoopa in Pokemon GO.