How To Get Remnant 2 Barkskin Trait

Here's your guide on how to get the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2.

Traits are very handy when it comes to Remnant 2 especially ones like Barkskin Trait that can reduce damage. The boss fights and sometimes regular enemies can be quite aggressive for comfort and a trait that reduces damage is quite useful. However, the difficult part of getting this trait is that it is not based on any skill, fight, or mission but rather answering a few set of questions. And if you don’t get them right, you will end up with its counterpart, the Bloodstream Trait.

How to Get Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Get Barkskin Trait

While in the Dappled Grove region in Yaesha, players will find a useful NPC, Meidra. There are a set of questions Meidra has and the answers you give helps her determine whether you have the Doe’s Eyes or the Ravager’s Eyes. If players are looking to get the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2, they will need to provide such answers that they get the Doe’s Eyes. While getting Doe’s Eyes is not really difficult, you need to know what kind of answers you may have to give since there might be new questions that you didn’t find in the list above.

As you can guess, if you want the Doe’s Eyes your answers will have to be in the category of naive, moral, righteous, and kind. Whether you agree with the answer or not is a completely different matter. However, if you want the damage reduction ability of the Barkskin Trait, you will need to get the Doe’s Eyes in Remnant 2. You can try the answers in our list if you get the same question and if not, give the answers that will make you look like a Doe in her eyes.

That’s all we have on how to get the Barkskin Trait in the game. Since you are looking for traits, do check out our guide on the best traits in the game, and other Remnant 2 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.