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Clash Royale: How To Get Banner Tokens

Learn how to get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale from this guide.

Clash Royale is a fun real-time strategy game where you take 8 cards in a deck and battle other players. As the years have gone by, the game has introduced different cosmetic options in the game. As of this article, the newest cosmetic that was added was Banners & Badges. Banners are your Profile Backgrounds that are displayed when you enter a match or on your Profile. But you don’t get all of them right from the start. You will have to unlock them with Banner Tokens. In this guide, I will show you how to Get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale.

How to Get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale

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In Clash Royale, Banner Tokens are the currency you will need to unlock Banners. At a time you can only hold up to 200 Banner Tokens unless you already have unlocked all of the Banners for that season. Then you can get more than 200 Banner Tokens. So when you do get them, make sure to use them. You can get Banner Tokens from Special Challenges & through ceratin Masteries. Special Challenges occur every so often and are the best way of getting Banner Tokens. Masteries are also good but you will have to play with those Cards to unlock Banner Tokens. Do it for the Cards you use & then go on for the other Cards.

Once you get 100 Banner Tokens, you can buy a Banner Box which will contain a Banner. That Banner could be a Background Picture or a Character like the PEKKA, Mega Knight, Fisherman, etc. Every Season brings new Banners so if you want to collect them all then I suggest participating and completing all Challenges to earn those Banner Tokens. You can also use Gems to But the Banners but over time it will get expensive.

This was all about how to Get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How to get the Secret Badge in Clash Royale.