Backpack In Fallout 76: How To Get It (Standard & Small)

Take a look at the ways to get all the Backpacks in Fallout 76 easily.

In Fallout 76, the Backpack is one of the very useful gears, when it comes to carrying things around. It not only allows the player to carry equipment but also some essential items for survival. However, this gear doesn’t come unlocked automatically and requires some quest progression. If you are already looking forward to getting your hands on a Backpack but having no luck with it, then we are here to help. In this guide below, we mentioned all the ways to obtain this gear easily.

How Can I Unlock & Craft A Backpack in Fallout 76

How To Get A Backpack In Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, there are two types of backpacks you can unlock & craft, i.e. The Standard Backpack and the Small Backpack. To obtain the Standard one you’ll need to complete the Order of the Tadpole quest. And to craft the Small backpack players will need to obtain its plan by searching for it inside the Morgantown Airport Terminal. After obtaining the plan, all you have to do is head to the Armor Workbench and craft it. For a better understanding, let’s take a look at the mentioned ways to get Standard and Small Backpack in detail.

Standard Backpack

As mentioned earlier, to get the Standard backpack the player will have to complete the Order of the Tadpole quest. To initiate it, you’ll have to meet Scout Leader Jaggy located at Camp Lewis in Pioneer Sout camp. And then he will give you a uniform and task you to earn Kindness, Helpfulness, & Bravery badges. Once you have demonstrated the traits and earned the badges, simply head back to the Scout Leader Jaggy. Doing so will complete the quest and reward you with tons of rewards that include the Pioneer Scout-themed Standard Backpack.

Small Backpack

To unlock the Small Backpack in Fallout 76, you’ll have to obtain its following Plan. Players can find the Plan inside the Overseer’s Cache at the Morgantown Airport Terminal. Once you acquire the plan successfully, simply head to your Armor Workbench and craft it using the required amount of Cloth, Leather, & Steel.

And that’s how you can obtain the Backpacks in the game. However, do note that the Standard & Small bags come with a limited base carry weight. Which can be increased by leveling the gears. Furthermore, you can also buy different mods & skins for the Backpack via the Possum Vending Machine located at Camp Adams.

That covers all about how you can get a Standard & Small Backpack in Fallout 76. After obtaining this gear, make sure you store some edible items like Aster Plant & Ash Rose. Also, take a look at the best builds to use in the game.