Aster Plant In Fallout 76: Where To Find It (Locations Guide)

Suraj Nai
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In Fallout 76, every now and then, you’ll come across a need for the locations to find a good source of Aster Plant. That’s because this is one of the consumable food items that have a low chance of disease. Apart from eating it directly to satisfy hunger, you can always cook something with it for additional benefits. However, as useful as this herb is it is pretty difficult to get your hand on them. If you are already on the hunt to find some, then we’ll help you out with the locations.

All Aster Plant Locations in Fallout 76

Here’s a list of locations to find the Aster Plant in Fallout 76. Before you move ahead note that the plants in the blast zone tend to turn into Red Hot Bloom that will give you Raw Crimson Flux. With that said, let’s dive right into it.

All Aster Plant Locations in Fallout 76 Herb
Source Image: Map Genie
  1. The Palace of the Winding Path is one of the well-known places to loot when it comes to the Aster plant. Once you reach there, simply head to the back of the palace and look for a small garden. And there you can grab up to 10-12 units of this herb. For more, simply explore the palace and that’ll do the trick.
  2. In Philippine Battlefield Cemetery, near the graves you’ll find 5 to 7 Aster plants. Make sure you loot the graves on both sides of the path and you’ll be good to go.
  3. Near Prickett’s Fort, go to the edge and look for a road with a V-shaped telephone pole. Near the pole and the area forest area behind it, you’ll be able to obtain 4-5 Aster Plants
  4. You can find more of this herb in the northwest direction of Arktos Pharma.
  5. In Whitespring Resort players can find a good amount of Aster Plants just by looking for them between the bushes in the resort.

These were the locations that’ll get you the herb you are looking for. As mentioned earlier, you can not only consume this herb directly but also cook it with something. If you are unaware of the things you can make with it, then scroll down for more details.

  • Firecracker whiskey old fashioned
  • Simple Aster Tea
  • Steeped Black Bloodleaf Tea
  • Steeped Fern Flower Tea
  • Fermentable Old Possum
  • Firecracker Whiskey Manhattan
  • Steeped Aster Tea

That sums up all about the locations to find the Aster Plant in Fallout 76 easily. If you haven’t found the Ash Rose in the game, then here’s how you can get it. Also, take a look at the best builds that you should try.

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