Best Fallout 76 Builds (Top Picks)

Suraj Nai
6 Min Read

In Fallout 76 using the best and the right builds is very important. It not only allows you to shape your character but also customize their stats according to your playstyle. However, as there are a plethora of perks to choose from, it makes the player wonder about which ones to go with. If you are also struggling with the same, then we’ll help you use your points correctly. In this guide, we have mentioned all the best builds recommend for veteran and beginner players. So without any further ado let’s dive right into it.

Best Builds to Use in Fallout 76

All Best Fallout 76 Builds (Top Picks)

Here’s a list of all the best builds from which you can choose in Fallout 76. Before you move ahead make sure you are at least on level 50 and have gained 56 perk points. Or else you’ll simply end up running out of points and won’t be able to use the build at its maximum potential.

Bloodied Stealth Build

This is one of the most overpowered builds recommended not only for newcomers but also for veteran players. The perks mentioned in this build solely focus on Perception, Agility, & Luck. Which buffs your reflexes but also affects your awareness of nearby enemies. For a better outcome simply unlock all the Unyielding Armor pieces so gain up to +3 to all stats (except endurance) when low on health. Build Credits: Cubby Walters.

Strength (2) Perception (15) Endurance (1) Charisma (3) Intelligence (10) Agility (15) Luck (15)
Bandolier Master Commando Radicool Tenderizer Nerd Rage Adrenaline Bloody Mess
Tank Killer Scrapper Covert Operative Serendipity
Commando Power User Sneak Class Freak
Expert Commando Gunsmith Escape Starched Genes
Concentrated Fire Gun Fu Better Criticals
Critical Savvy

Melee Build – Best Build for Fallout 76

If you are a Melee player and looking forward to some close-range combats then this is the right build for you. The perks in this build focus on Strength, Endurance, & luck. We also recommend you use a good melee weapon for a better result when you are facing deadly creatures. Build Credits: MrWestTek.

Strength (15) Perception (1) Endurance (9) Charisma (7) Intelligence (7) Agility (8) Luck (9)
Travelling Pharmacy Refractor Lifegiver Inspirational Scrapper Adrenaline Bloody Mess
Expert Slugger Ironclad Strange in Number Makeshift Warrior Action Boy Class Freak
Master Slugger Tenderizer First Aid Starched Genes
Slugger Ricochet

Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner is also one of the best builds you can use in Fallout 76. The perks mentioned below are especially recommended for Tank playstyle players. Other than the perks we also suggest you unlock and use the Excavator Power Armor.

Strength (15) Perception (4) Endurance (5) Charisma (7) Intelligence (7) Agility (8) Luck (9)
Lock and Load Glow Sight Lifegiver Strange in Numbers Scrapper Adrenaline Stracted Genes
Expert Heavy Gunner Refractor Ironclad Inspirational Stabalized Action Boy Class  Freak
Travelling Pharmacy Rejuvenated Tenderizer Nerd Rage Bloddy Mess
Bandolier Radicool
Master Heavy Gunner
Heavy Gunner

Overpowered Build (For Beginners)

In this overpowered beginner’s build, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Such as a good amount of Endurance, Charisma, Agility, & Luck. However, it mainly focuses on Strength and Intelligence. Which will not only help you survive in this world full of creatures but also craft various things to progress quickly. Build Credits: MrWestTek.

Strength (15) Perception (1) Endurance (6) Charisma (7) Intelligence (12) Agility (7) Luck (8)
Expert Heavy Gunner Refractor Lifegiver Inspiration First Aid Adrenaline Bloody Mess
Heavy Gunner Rejuvenated Strange in  Number Scrapper Born Survivor Class Freak
Master Heavy Gunner Tenderizer Stabalized Action Boy Starched Genes
Lock And Load Gunsmith
Bandolier Power User
Travelling Pharmacy

Now you know, which perks you should go with. So simply pick one of the builds suiting your playstyle and start slaying the creatures. However, make sure you divide the perk points in the SPECIAL stats accordingly.

With that said this cover all about the best Build to use in Fallout 76. If you have already dived into this adventurous journey, then check out how to get Pre War food in the game.