How To Get Aura Color In Blox Fruits (Every Haki Color)

The Aura color in Blox Fruits also known as Haki is a cosmetic appearance item that becomes the outline of the payer’s character in the game. Although they are purely for appearance and do not affect the power and ability of the character but are required to unlock other aspects of the game. That being said, follow along with this guide to learn how to obtain these aura colors (Haki) in Roblox Blox Fruits.

How to Get Aura Color in Blox Fruits

Get Aura Color In Blox Fruits
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Aura Color in Blox Fruits can be purchased from sellers using fragments. There are 16 different aura colors that you can obtain in the game. They are categorized into Regular, Legendary, Secret, and limited colors.

While you can get the Regular and Legendary aura color using fragments 1500 and 7500 respectively, the secret and limited Haki can be obtained using quest and limited-time purchase.

To purchase the Regular and Legendary colors, you need to visit the Master of Auras. The Master of Auras spawns across the Blox Fruits map. Also, it is worth mentioning that The Master of Auras can sell only one specific color to you once. To get multiple different colors, you need to go to another location where the rest of this NPC spawn.

Aura ColorRarity How to Get
Orange SodaRegular1,500 Fragment
Bright YellowRegular1,500 Fragment
Yellow SunshineRegular1,500 Fragment
Slimy GreenRegular1,500 Fragment
Green LizardRegular1,500 Fragment
Blue JeansRegular1,500 Fragment
Plump PurpleRegular1,500 Fragment
Fiery RoseRegular1,500 Fragment
Heat WaveRegular1,500 Fragment
Absolute ZeroRegular1,500 Fragment
Pure RedLegendary7,500 Fragments
Winter SkyLegendary7,500 Fragments
Rainbow SaviourSecretInteract with Horned Man to unlock the quest to get the color
AquamarineLimitedBuy in the Party Shop for 1000 confetti (unobtainable)
Light PinkLimitedBuy in the Valentine Shop for 1000 Hearts (unobtainable)

The Master of Auras Locations in Blox Fruits

Second Sea

  • On the Cursed Ship in the main room.
  • On the left wall of the Ice Castle.
  • On the roof of the Smoke Admiral spawn house in Hot and Cold Island.
  • Near the giant skull on the hilltop in Forgotten Island.
  • Close to the Ship Dealers on Snow Mountain.
  • In the Green Zone near the Ship Dealers.

Third Sea

  • Next to the Musketeer Pirates on Floating Turtle.
  • In Port Town near the Pistol Billionaires.
  • In the house located beside the Castle on the Sea.
  • On the mountain top, near the Musketeer Pirates on the Floating Turtle.
  • In the house where Island Empress spawns on Hydra Island.
  • The Great Tree stands where the Marine Commodore and Kilo Admiral spawn.
  • On top of columns in front of Beautiful Pirate Domain on Floating Turtle.

If you are ready to spend some Robux, you can get them from the Colors Specialist, where you can Regular colors for 88 coins and Legendary colors for 350 coins.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Aura Color in Blox Fruits. If you find this guide helpful, check out more on this game from our dedicated section for Blox Fruits on Gamer Tweak. Or you refer to these related guides.