How To Get Full Body Haki (Upgrade) Blox Fruits

Know how to get a Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits.

Play as a Pirate or as a Mariner and embark on an adventurous journey in this game. Weapons like swords, guns, and powerful fruits deal a great amount of damage to the enemies. Apart from this, your in-game character can be taught some extra abilities to gain extra benefits. A Haki is an upgradable buff that when awakened, increases the character’s ability. An Enhancement or Full Body Haki is a type of buff in the game that helps a lot while engaging in combat. Know everything about how to get the Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits through this guide.

How to Get Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits

Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits

Here’s how to get Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits to get up an upper hand in every fight:

  • Simply head over to the Frozen Village’s cave and interact with the Ability teacher. Thereafter offer him 25,000x Beli to acquire the Enhancement Haki.
  • It enhances the Damage and Defense ability and visually changes the in-game character’s appearance.
  • It is possible to level up the Enhancement Haki by dealing damage to enemies using swords, guns, or bare arms. Also, it counts if you use dark-step (legs) moves to deal damage.
  • Causing damage increases XP in the Enhancement stat that helps to level up and get you a Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits.
  • Further, there are six stages in this Haki that levels up and changes appearance over time as you gain XP:
Level Visual (Arms) Visual (Legs) Benefits XP Required
0 Half Arms Half Legs Increases Damage N/A
1 Full Arms Full Legs Increases Damage x4000 XP
2 Full Arms & Torso Full Legs & Torso Increases Defense x12,000 XP
3 Full Arms, Torso & Head Full Legs, Torso & Head Increases Defense x24,000 XP
4 Full Arms, Torso, Head, Thighs & Knees Full Legs, Torso, Head, Forearm & Elbows Increases Both x48,000 XP
5 Full Body Full Body Increases Damage by 17% and Defense by 29% x60,000 XP
  • It is recommended to keep the Enhancement stat always active because there are no drawbacks while using it. Moreover, you can use Electric’s C move or Dragon Talon’s Z move to increase XP as they deal in multiple hits causing more damage.

That’s everything you should know about the Enhancement or Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on getting the Observation Haki.