How To Find And Catch Astegon In Palworld

Capture the Astegon in Palworld and use its high-level Work Suitability to increase the ore mining.

Astegon is a Dragon Dark element Pal of the Palworld. Not only is it Flying Mount, but also has two crucial Work Suitability: Handiwork and Mining. Among them, Mining is at level 4, making it most desirable for those who are focusing on ore production. However, it isn’t easy to capture this Pal, it is huge, and has a considerably good defense with skills like Dark Laser.

Players at level 40 or above will find it a lot easier to capture it unless multiple appear at once. Due to this, it is highly recommended that you embark on the journey only after reaching at least level 35. You can increase the level by defeating Syndicate members, clearing dungeons, and so on.

Where to Find Astegon in Palworld

Where to Find Astegon in Palworld
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

Astegon can be found mainly at two locations: Inside the Destroyed Mineshaft of Volcanic region and at No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Finding a Destroyed Mineshaft is difficult as it camouflages with the mountain, so find -576, -421 coordinates.

It is a boss variant at level 48, so this will be a lot more difficult than the other location. Still, if you want to hunt it, Fast Travel to Mount Obsidian Midpoint and then go to the northwest to find the place. As for the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, the closest Fast Travel point is Deep Sand Dunes. From there, you have to cross the water body and find the island.

Note: No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary gives warning “Criminal activity underway”. Which means if you get spotted, you will become wanted.

How to Catch Palworld Astegon

Now that you know about the location of the Pal, the next thing you need to focus on is defeating and capturing it. They are mostly at level 40 or above, so your weapon must have a damage output of at least 300. Dark elements Pals are weak against the Dragon type, but since it is both, you need to go for the Ice type.

Rocket Launcher and Assault Rifle will give you good results against this opponent. You can first attack it with the Ice Grenade and then continuously shoot it with those while moving around, so the Laser or Flame doesn’t hit you. Single-Shot Rifle has great base damage, so you can also use it against the Astegon. Once its HP has gotten lower, use the Ultra Sphere to capture it and collect drops of Pal Metal Ingot and Pure Quartz.

With this, you can now find and capture the Astegon in Palworld. For more interesting Pal and Boss guides, check out our dedicated section.