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MultiVersus: How To Get Assists

Check out our guide on how to get assists in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is an ultimate crossover that involves a wide range of characters from different franchises. You get several challenges or milestones as you progress into the game. And you get plenty of battle points as you complete them. One of these challenges includes getting assists. As they are not much explained in the game, it can get a bit confusing for players. So, here’s our guide on how to get assists in MultiVersus.

How to Get Assists in MultiVersus

You can get them by helping your allies with your abilities and moves in a fight. This can also include using your perks to share health, offer shields, and more.

For example, grabbing an enemy with Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth can count as an Assist.

  • Speaking of getting more assists, the best method would be to play a Free for all Mode or popularly known as FFA mode.
  • As you begin with this mode, you will face four players against your team.
  • While it can get pretty chaotic with all the players in the arena, it has the best chance to get more assists.
  • You can find this mode to your extreme right in the Play menu.
multiversus how to get assists
Image Source – BRO GAMEPLAY on YouTube.
  • As you participate in the FFA mode, you get better assists during the fight.
  • You can target and fight the same enemy, your ally is fighting to gain assists.
  • You can either choose the Bot or Normal mode. We suggest if you are looking to earn some quick assists, play the Bot mode.
  • Alternatively, playing a 2v2 mode can also get you more assists in the game.
  • While it is not as chaotic as the FFA mode, you can plan out and use your perks to gain Assists.
  • In the end, getting assists can help you complete the Milestones and earn more XP.

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