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MultiVersus: How To Check & Increase MMR

Here is how you can check MMR in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus allows players to easily check their MMR. And monitoring your MMR can give you an incentive to increase it. MMR stands for Match Making Rating, it is what decides the opponents you get. The higher it is the tougher your fights should be as you face off more skilled players. So in this guide let us find out how you can check your MMR in MultiVersus and how to increase it.

How to Check MMR in MultiVersus


multiversus check and increase mmr
Image Credit: YourSixGaming on YouTube

You can check your MMR in MultiVersus from the Leaderboards.

  1. Launch MultiVersus and click on the Career button on the top left corner of the screen. This icon will be above the battle pass.
  2. It will extend the tab while showing you your stats. Here you can see these stats:
    • Level
    • Career Stats that include your Rank and Recent Win Rate for both Teams and 1v1 modes.
    • Your most played character and its matches, damage, and ringouts.
  3. Now, to check your MMR click on the Leaderboards button.
  4. The leaderboards will show you the top 30 players for both Teams and 1v1.
  5. Scroll down here and you can see your ranking among the top players.
  6. Here, below your name you can check your MMR.


How to Increase your MMR

You can increase your MMR by winning more matches. The developers have not officially shared the means to how the MMR is calculated. So let us start by considering the one thing that is a common way to increase your MMR in most games. But just like how other games take into account character roles, that can also be a contributing factor here. So for starters, you should increase your win rate, ringouts, and the damage you deal to increase your MMR.
Another thing to do is work on your character’s role. So for example, if you are a tank try to take in more damage so that your teammate can focus on attacking. As a support, you can work on healing and applying buffs on your teammate.

Again, the above ways are not officially confirmed, but are just common ways to increase your MMR. And even if they don’t contribute much to your MMR, working on those things can help you improve your gameplay.


That covers this guide on how to check your MMR (Match Making Rating) in MultiVersus and how to increase it. Since you are keen on MMR you should also find our guide interesting on how to play Ranked mode in this game. And for other similar topics check out our MultiVersus section.