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How To Complete Get Around Challenge In Bitlife

Here's how to complete the weekly challenge of getting around.

There’s a new challenge in Bitlife and this one involves…well, getting around. There are quite a few risky things you have to do in this Bitlife Get Around Challenge. Find out what you need to do to fulfill the conditions and beat this one.

How to Complete Get Around Challenge in Bitlife


Bitlife Get Around Challenge Guide

Here are the things you need to do to complete the Get Around Challenge:

  • Find lovers from more than 5 different countries.
  • Have more than 3 children in different countries.
  • Get into more than 3 three****s (you know what it is).
  • contract more than 3 different STDs (yikes).


Let’s see how to get into this crazy lifestyle.

Create a new female character first and make sure you earn a lot of money. So much traveling to different countries will surely drain your finances. So, it’s crucial to have a high paying job so that you can afford this lifestyle. You can become an Actor or a professional Singer which are some highest paying careers. You can also choose to become an Athlete or Doctor.

Then, you have to travel to different countries and find lovers in them. Choose such people who have a high crazy meter because it will help you further ahead. Select the Love tab to find a lover and do this again and again until you check out this condition. Then, go ahead and have babies with your lovers. We’ve got a guide on how to have twins in Bitlife in case you are curious to know.


Then, you are required to have three****s and this option is available in the Love Activities section. With the specific stat mentioned above, it will be easy to check this one off your list.

Lastly, to get STDs, you have to do nothing much because you will get it naturally after doing the aforementioned tasks. Once you “get around” so much, completing this final task should be very easy. It is random, though, so you may have to wait until you find people who are willing.

This is how to complete the Get Around Challenge in Bitlife. Fans of this game can also check out our other BitLife guides to know how to live different lives right at your fingertips.