How To Get Armament Haki V2 In King Legacy

Upgrading to Armament Haki V2 will make you stronger than ever in King Legacy. Here’s a quick guide that explains how to accomplish this task.

Being the top guy in King Legacy requires you to keep your blades sharp all the time. This also includes Awakening Fruits and upgrading abilities like Haki. While we are speaking of it, I believe you can upgrade your Arnament Haki to Arnament Haki V2 without much hassle. If you are a veteran, doing so will barely bother you as there’s nothing much in it. However, there can be some trouble if you don’t know where to start. So to help you get Armament Haki V2, here’s our quick guide to it.

How to Obtain Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy

Note: Make sure you have Arnament Haki before you try to obtain Arnament Haki V2. If you don’t have it, simply purchase it for 500,000 from an NPC on Bubble Island. Also, you must be 3600+ Levels before trying to upgrade Armament Haki.

interact with lee to get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy
Image Credits to NeedForGaming

To get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy, you must talk to an NPC called Lee in Soldier Headquarters. Interacting with him will give you the new task of finding and collecting Diamonds from Pung. For those who don’t know, Pung can be found on the Pirate Skull Island, inside one of the rooms of a sand building.

how to get Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy

Now, to get Diamonds from Pung, you will have to prove your worth to him. This is done by defeating Dark Beard, a boss on the Pirate Skull Island. However, to defeat Dark Beard, you will have to summon him by killing any NPC on the Island.

unlocking Armament Haki v2 in King Legacy

So defeat Dark Beard, go to Pung and collect Diamonds from him, and then return back to Lee. Exhaust all the dialogues and interact with Lee again. He will then give you the option to upgrade to Armament Haki V2 in King Legacy by paying 35,000,000 Beli. If you have enough funds then make sure to get it right away.

Now that you have Arnament Haki V2, be sure to make the best use of it. If you liked reading it, why don’t you check out our other guides on unlocking Passives and Ethereal Sword? It will only help you get stronger than any other player on the server.