How To Get Ancient Cookies In Cookie Run Kingdom

Take a look at the ways to unlock & get Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK).

Cookie Run Kingdom never lets you down when it comes to new content in the game. And they’ve done it again, the devs have introduced 5 Ancient Cookies that can be unlocked. These hero cookies are very powerful and made of the purest form of Soul Jam.  In the past, they were the guardians of peace against the Dark Enchantress Cookie. Unfortunately, they were defeated in the final battle and their Soul Jams were shattered into pieces. But not anymore, now you can add them to your team and become unbeatable. So without any further ado let’s see how you can unlock Ancient Cookies in CRK.

How Can I Unlock Ancient Cookies in CRK?

How To Get Ancient Cookies In Cookie Run Kingdom

Here are all the ways to unlock Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) easily. Before you move ahead, as of now only 3 heroes are playable i.e. Hollyberry Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, & Dark Cacao Cookie. The rest of them i.e. White Lily Cookie & Golden Cheese Cookie are yet to be released as playable characters.

Via Gacha

The very first method to unlock Ancient Cookies in the game is via the Gacha mechanic. Players will have to head to the Cookies Gacha and use their Crystals to pull down these powerful heroes. However, the success rate is pretty low down to 0.054% but you can always give it a try. On the other hand, players can also try their luck in the Nether Gacha, which can be pulled by using the event currency. And this Gacha even has a slightly higher success rate than the Cookies Gacha.

Via Soulstones

Another method that you can try is to collect a particular Ancient Cookie’s Soulstones. For those who are unaware, the Soulstones of locked characters can also be obtained through Gachas. And after having a sum of 20 stones the game allows you to bake the following cookie by yourself. So simply start collecting as much as you can and you’ll be good to go. But if you are still running low, then you can always buy some from the Arena Medal Shop costing 600 Medals each.

This is how you can get Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK) easily. While you are here check out the best PVE Cookies ties list. Also, take a look at how to unlock & equip House Skins in the game.