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Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK): How To Unlock & Equip House Skins

Looking to unlock some skins for your Cookie house or mansion in Cookie Run Kingdom? Check out this guide to learn about it and how to equip them.

You can unlock and equip skins on your Cookie houses and mansions in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). This is a nice feature to give your kingdom a more personalized touch. These houses are important in the game as they give you your much-needed Exp Star Jellies. So in this guide let us check how to unlock and equip cookie house and mansion skins in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK).

How to Unlock All Cookie House Skins in Cookie Run Kingdom

cookie run kingdom crk unlock and equip cookie mansion skins

In order to unlock skins for your cookie Houses and Mansions, you need to complete the tutorial first. Once you are done with the tutorial the game will allow you to buy the different skins. This is how you unlock them.

  1. Build a Cookie house in the tutorial.
  2. After your house is built you can tap on it to get the Change Design option.
  3. From here you can buy the skins you like for your house.
  4. The above procedure is the same for Cookie Mansions.
  5. Now in order to unlock them, you have to buy these skins using coins or crystals.

These are the prices of the different skins for cookie houses and mansions.

  • Cookie House skins
    • Apple Jello House: 120,000 coins
    • Berry Jam House: 120,000 coins
    • Choco Checkers House: 120,000 coins
    • Matcha Cake House: 120,000 coins
    • Bear Jelly House: 1,000 crystals
    • Cozy Holiday House: 1,000 crystals
    • Quaint Dark Cacao House: 1,000 crystals
    • Vanilla House: 1,000 crystals
  • Cookie Mansion skins
    • Bear Jelly Jello Mansion: 300,000 coins
    • Matcha Latte Mansion: 300,000 coins
    • Jolly Holiday Mansion: 2,000 crystals
    • Traditional Dark Cacao Mansion: 2,000 crystals
    • Vanilla Creme Mansion: 2,000 crystals

How to Equip House Skins in CRK

  1. Tap on the Cookie House or Mansion that you want to change the skin of.
  2. Next, tap on the Change Design button.
  3. Select the skin that you wish to apply to it. You can only equip skins that you own.
  4. Finally, tap on the select button of the skin to equip it.

That covers this guide on how to Unlock & Equip Cookie House & Mansion Skins in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). If you need help on other topics of this game then check our guides on how to beat the stage 12-30 and how to make your own character in this game.