Battlefield 2042: How To Get All 5 Ribbons Fast (Best Tasks)

These are the best tasks that you can do to quickly get all 5 ribbons in Battlefield 2042.

While playing Battlefield 2042, one of the fastest ways to earn Exp is to get all 5 Ribbons. Each ribbon in this game has 3 tiers, and getting all 3 of them will allow you to earn a lot of extra Exp. And the more Exp you have the faster will you unlock your weapons. So without further ado, here are the best ways to get all ribbons fast in Battlefield (BF) 2042.

How to Get All 5 Ribbons Fast in Battlefield 2042

You need to do specific tasks that help progress the different Ribbons in the game. For example, Reviving teammates helps progress Wingman Ribbon, or getting Kills lets you get the Combat Ribbon. But before we get into their details, these are the Ribbons that you can get:

  • Wingman Ribbon
  • Logistics Ribbon
  • Intel Ribbon
  • Objective Ribbon
  • Combat Ribbon

Out of the above 5, the first three Ribbons are very easy to get. While the other two will take slightly more time. Here are the best tasks for each of them:

Wingman Ribbon

wingman ribbon get fast in battlefield 2042

The fastest way to get the Wingman Ribbon is to give assists to your teammates. And the best item for it would be using the Prox Sensor (grenade). This will reveal enemy locations to your teammates which assists them. Alternatively, you could also take fights and just do some damage but not kill the enemies. Instead, let your team finish them. These two were the best methods, but you can also revive any downed teammates to complete the Wingman Ribbon.

Logistics Ribbon

logistics ribbon

There are 3 ways to get the Logistics Ribbon, and the quickest way is to repair vehicles. Alternatively, you could also play as Falck to get her Syrette Pistol. This will allow you to heal your teammates from a safe distance. Lastly, you can also resupply your teammates with ammo to progress the Logistics Ribbon.

Intel Ribbon

intel ribbon

As the name suggests your goal is to bring enemy intel to the team. So the fastest way would be to hop in a helicopter and use its sensor array to spot enemies from above. Alternatively, you could also use the Casper’s Recon Drone to easily spot any enemies that are within 80 meters of range. If spotting enemies, isn’t for you then you should use EMP grenades on enemy tanks or helicopters to disrupt them.

Combat Ribbon

combat ribbon

The only two ways to get this ribbon is by killing your enemies or destroying their vehicles. The easiest thing you could do is use a helicopter and rain down fire on your enemies. Or if you are confident with your gun then go on a killing spree.

Objective Ribbon

objective ribbon

Again just like the combat ribbon, there is no quick or easy method here as well as such. Make sure you focus on completing your objectives, like capturing the flag. Holding and defending the objective also helps in getting this Ribbon. So make sure you do that as well.

A handy tip would be to go to the pause menu and check how much progression is left for a tier of your Ribbons. This will help you prioritize which ribbon to get first before the match ends. When you get all 3 tiers in a ribbon you get a total of 2000 XP. These are distributed as follows:

  • Ribbon Tier I: 1000 Exp
  • Ribbon Tier II: 500 Exp
  • Ribbon Tier III: 500 Exp

That covers this guide on the fastest ways to get all 5 ribbons in Battlefield (BF) 2042. If you are looking for more help on other topics for this game then you should check out our guides on how to do a takedown, fix the error code 1004G, and black screen on launch error fix. Or you can also check out our Battlefield 2042 section.