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Far Cry 6: How To Get Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key & Bug Fix

Arrived at Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint but are unable to find the Checkpoint Keycard because it bugged? This guide will help you find it.

Far Cry 6 has a bug with the keycard of Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint. The game has a lot of areas for you to explore in the land of Yara. And since there is a lot to do, the whole map is spread with a lot of checkpoints. But when it comes to Aguda Cliffs, several players are having trouble finding the checkpoint key. This is happening due to a bug that prevents the key from spawning in its location. So in this guide let us check out how to get the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6. Also, learn how to access the checkpoint when the key is bugged or not found.

How to Get the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key in FC6


how to get the aguda cliffs checkpoint key in far cry 6

You can find the Key on the opposite side of the Locked door on top of a concrete barrier. The reason a lot of players are unable to find it is because you usually find Checkpoint Keys hanging on a wall. Additionally, the keys are also found with some guards. There is a slight chance that even if you do everything right but still are unable to find the key. If that is the case then unfortunately this Key is bugged for you. Let us see how you can find the Key in such a case or access the checkpoint.

Where to Find the Aguda Cliffs Bugged Checkpoint Key


  1. Fast travel to some location closer to this checkpoint.
  2. Return to Aguda Cliffs and look for the key in the location where it is supposed to be.
  3. Fast traveling should have forced the key to spawn, so you should find the Key here.
  4. If the Key doesn’t spawn, repeat the above steps with the same fast travel location or use another location.

How to Access the Checkpoint Without Keycard

Destroy the door. You can destroy it by using an explosive, or ramming a vehicle into the door. This method might make you feel like a savage but why not break the doors when the game itself allows you. Unlike the previous method where you have to spawn the key, this method should work in a single try.


That covers everything you need to know about the Aguda cliffs checkpoint bug and where to find the key in FC6. If you like playing this game be sure to check out our other guides on Oluso Location, All Horse locations, and All Yaran Stories in Far Cry 6.