Genshin Impact: Teapot Traveling Salesman

Here’s everything you need to know about the Teapot Traveling Salesman

Genshin Impact has recently released the 1.5 update which had the much-awaited housing feature. The housing feature will enable players to build their own houses in one of the 3 realms. The housing feature adds a layer to the game as players can now customize their houses with the help of the Teapot traveling salesman in Genshin Impact. He is an NPC introduced in the latest 1.5 update but who is he really? Read further to know more.

Who is the Teapot Traveling Salesman in Genshin Impact?

who is the Teapot traveling salesman
Players can build their realm using various furnishings. You can get furnishings from multiple NPC’s and the teapot traveling salesman is one of them. Players can buy new blueprints, furnishings, and materials from him. He is available at every Serenitea pot realm from 4 am Friday till 4 am Monday every week. He has different items every week so you should keep an eye out for him every weekend. The catch is that every teapot salesman has a different set of resources for players, we would recommend you to check out your friend’s Realms as well. Different realms will get you access to a variety of items quickly so make sure you spend your weekend visiting.

There is a side quest as well, which will be completed when you buy at least 2 items from him. This addition will help the player a lot in building their realms as they desire and will also make you visit other realms and indulge with other players as well. Players are loving the Housing feature as it allows them to build on the already beautiful world of Genshin Impact. You can unlock the housing feature by downloading the update and to know more about the feature do pay a visit to Tubby.

That’s all for this guide on the teapot traveling salesman in Genshin Impact. Do check out our other article to know how you can earn Realm currency in Genshin Impact.