How To Increase Genshin Impact Slow Download Speed

Genshin Impact's download speed is too slow, here's how you can increase it.

Fans are going gaga over the recently released free to play Genshin Impact. To play the game it is important first to be able to download it. However, if you have already tried downloading the game, you would have probably noticed that the Genshin Impact download speed is slow. In fact, it is very slow. Well, there is nothing to worry now as some ignite minded gamers have found a simple fix to slow download. If you are wondering why is Genshin Impact download so slow and want a fix for that, continue reading this guide and you will get all your answers.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Slow Download Speed Issue

The simple fix to Genshin Impact download speed slow issue is to pause and re-start the download. This might sound crazy, but it does works. Many players have reported that they were able to fix Genshin Impact slow download speed issue with this solution. In fact, I myself was able to jump my Genshin Impact download speed from a miserable 0.4m/s to a whopping 1.9m/s. My colleague got a similar kind of results. So all you need to do is get into the store, pause the download, and then restart the download.

There is an alternative way as well to increase Genshin Impact download speed. You can completely close the game side client and relaunch it. There is no need to worry as your download progress will be saved and you won’t have to start over.

These are the two ways through which you can fix Genshin Impact download speed slow issue. If you are able to beat Genshin Impact slow download problem and get into the game, it is advisable to read our guides on the game. You can read our guides on how to revive characters, how to increase stamina bar, or how to boost adventure rank in Genshin Impact. Reading these guides will help you get along and progress quickly in the game.

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