How to increase Stamina Bar to Max in Genshin Impact?

You will start with a small Stamina bar and it is a core element in this hack and slash game. I am sharing two ways to help you to unlock all levels of Stamina in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact fighting mechanism has some core elements. They are HP, Stamina, Damage, etc. Stamina is required in everything while sprinting or jumping. If the bar is reduced to 0 then you cannot move fast and dodge attacks in Genshin Impact. As you progress in the game you will unlock more levels of Stamina in Genshin Impact. This is where you can boost to get max stamina and survive in the toughest fights easily. I am going to share some pro-level tips on how to get max stamina in Genshin Impact. What are the ways to boost stamina and how to max out the stamina par for once and all?

How to get more stamina in Genshin Impact?

You will have to do two things to get more stamina in Genshin Impact. First is finding Anemoculus a blue floating crystal commonly found in the world and second by cooking recipes. Below is the explanation of both the process in detail.

Where to find Anemoculus in Genshin Impact to boost Stamina?

Anemoculus is an blue floating crystal found in the game. The most common places of these crystals are near spirits. Collecting the crystal is one thing, you will have to bring it to the statue of the seven. The statue is found in different spots on the map, in case you find one remember the place. Carry the crystal to the statue and you will unlock wide varieties of buffs in Genshin Impact.

Among the various buffs, you can pick the Stamina. The more Anemoculus crystals you offer to the statue of seven the more buffs you can unlock. So when you are exploring keep eye on the crystals.

How to boost stamina via Recipes in Genshin Impact?

Recipes are a part of the crafting system in Genshin Impact. Every recipe has an impact on the gameplay, some unlock a ton of health for a few seconds while some boost stamina. They have a temporary effect but they are the best way to get instant power in the battle. If you are not having the location of the blue crystals or unable to find the statue of seven then recipes will help you.

We found in total 38 recipes and there is a detailed guide on it. Genshin Impact Recipe Guide. The link has a list of all ingredients required to cook recipes, and along with this, you can learn what they do. I am separately sharing the recipes you have to focus on boosting stamina and health.

  1. Cream Stew Recipe – Sprinting stamina depletion for all members by 20-35% for 900 seconds.
  2. Lotus Seed & Bird Egg Soup Recipe – Reduce Stamina depletion from sprinting by 20-35% for party members for 900 seconds.
  3. Northern Smoked Chicken Recipe – Restore stamina between 40-70.
  4. Barbatos Ratatouille Recipe – Reduce Stamina 20-35%  depletion for 900 seconds.
  5. Sticky Honey Roast Recipe – Reduce Stamina depletion from sprinting or climbing by 20-35% for 900 seconds.
  6. Zhongyuan Chop Suey Recipe – Sprinting or Climbing stamina depletion for all members by 20-35% for 900 seconds.

For more details on how to cook these recipes, what ingredients are needed click the link in the second para. Till then stay tuned to GamerTweak for more updates on Genshin Impact and do not forget to surf through our Genshin Impact Guides section to get more tips and tricks on the game.

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