Genshin Impact Sal Terrae Seal: How To Get Underneath It

Get under the sealed area for additional rewards.

Genshin Impact is filled with lots of hidden quests and areas, among which is the sealed off area in Sal Terrae. When you reach the location and interact with a gravestone there, it will prompt “Salt seals the ruin within, none uninvited may enter in.” Well, then how would you get underneath Sal Terrae seal in Genshin Impact. We are here to give an answer to just that very query. In this guide, we will give you a step-by-step guide for getting underneath Sal Terrae.

Before getting into the guide, there’s one thing you should know. There is no legitimate way of getting under the sealed area. However, if you wish, you can do so by taking the help of a glitch found in the game. Once underneath the sealed area, there will be two chests with some common rewards, and nothing much special. So the decision is all yours.

How to Get Underneath Sal Terrae seal in Genshin Impact

There are two different ways to Get underneath the Sal Terrae seal in Genshin Impact. One is with Venti or Benette by using their elemental skill and the other is with any character in your team. We will go through each of the ways individually. Using Venti or Benette will get you underneath quickly than the other way.

For both ways, it is obvious that first and foremost, you need to reach Sal Terrae. The area is located to the southwest of Mondstadt or south of Dawn Winery. The exact location of the sealed area is on a small island marked with a blue circle that represents the seal. Refer to the below image for help.

Sal terrae seal location in genshin impact

Using Venti or Benette to Get Underneath Sal Terrae Seal

With Venit or Benette you can use the camera mode to get under the seal. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Long press elemental skill button
  • Escape the skill immediately after it has been casted
  • Enter camera mode and enable “Hide Character”

get underneath sal terrae seal unsing venti or benette

  • The camera will go below the seal

get underneath sal terrae in genshin impact

  • Wait until the camera is below the seal and then disable “Hide Character”

genshin impact venti

That’s it, do this and you will be underneath the Sal Terrae seal.

Using any Character to Get Underneath Sal Terrae Seal

Once you have the Geo character in your team, head to the location, and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Climb The Rocks to The East of The Seal and go Past The Fake Mountain

Get below sal terrae

Now, go east of the seal and you will find some rocks. Climb the rocks to reach the top. There will be a mountain at the top of the rocks. Go close to the mountain and you will find some cracks that can be easily penetrated.

Use The Glitch to Get Underneath The Sal Terrae Seal in Genshin Impact

When you find the crack beneath you, use the rock sphere ability if you have a Geo character. Now, simply use the rock sphere created to climb downwards, to get beneath the ground. Or you can keep trying to get inside the crack.

Use geo character in genshin impact

Next, continue climbing down until you find a triangular gap in the stone wall. Get into it and then glide down till you find the watery area. Once on the watery area, turn around to see another such area. Get on that area and head to the rocks on the other side.

get below sal terrae seal in genshin impact

Find another area of water around the rocks, and swim into it until the very end. In the end, there will be a dirt wall, jump on it, and then climb your way to the top. Now, you will find some pillars, simply climb it to get under the sealed Sal Terrae area in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact salt seals the ruin quest

That’s it, once there all you need to do is loot the chests to get the rewards you deserve after such travel.

Now you know everything about how to get under Gesnhin Impact Sal Terrae seal. So head there and collect the rewards, but ensure that you always have your stamina bar at max. While here, you can read our guides on obtaining several items that are essential to progress quickly in the game. You can read where to get Bird Eggs, Small Lamp Grass, and Jueyun Chilis in Genshin Impact.