Lost In Snow: How To Reach The Summit And Search For Joel’s Father

Here's a quick guide covering how to complete the world quest called 'Lost In Snow' in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is arguably the most popular free-to-play action role-playing video game of 2020. In its patch 1.2, miYoHo has added multiple new missions to make the game more engaging and entertaining. There is a mission called ‘Lost In Snow’, which tasks players to reunite a young boy named Joel with his lost father.

When you meet Joel, he will tell you everything he knows about his father’s whereabouts. During the conversation, he will give you a couple of clues to search for his lost father. He will also tell you that he saw his father for the last time in the Dragonspine region of the map, which is damn cold, mountainous terrain.

If you have not yet reached Dragonspine region of the map in Genshin Impact then you might not know to survive in the cold weather. To keep the atmosphere warm and suitable, you will have to use pyro and if you embark on a journey to find Joel’s father in Dragonspine then you must follow the same tips to get to the Summit.

Genshin Impact: How To Find for Joel’s Father

To find Joel’s lost father in Dragonspine, you will have to head towards the last location, which is located near the Statue of the Seven. If you have already unlocked the Statue of the Seven then you can easily spawn there.

You will automatically get to know about the perfect place when you are in the middle of the Entombed City – Outskirts and the Entombed City – Palace. There are multiple enemies that you will find near the camp. After taking them down, you will find a note written by Joel’s father. The neatly written note claims that he believes the weather condition to be good and wants to break for the summit.

For the second part of the mission, you will have to use the fast travel option to get to the Ancient Palace. When you get there, you can easily walk around the huge pit and turn right on the path. On the left-hand side, you will find a similar camp here as well.

Sometimes, a powerful Hilichurl spawns at this place, so be prepared to defeat it before investigating the note. The note will disclose that a powerful storm had forced Joel’s father to lose half of his supplies and hide in a cave downhill.

To complete the ‘Lost In Snow’ mission in Genshin Impact, you will have to head back to the Statue of the Seven and walk toward the waypoint. There, you will find a breakable stone wall which covers Joel’s father’s last camp, disclosing his unfortunate fate.

When you tell this to Joel, he will give you two Hero’s Wit,  40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and four Mystic Enhancement Ores as a reward.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the ‘Lost in Snow’ quest in Genshin Impact. While here, ensure reading about how to get Festering Dragon Marrow and how to solve Starglow Cavern puzzle in Genshin Impact.