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Genshin Impact: Where To Get Crystal Chunk

Easily obtain Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact.

Crystal Chunks are mineral deposits that are used to craft various useful items in Genshin Impact. This Crystal Chunks farming guide will enlist two locations where you can easily get a decent amount of Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact.

Crystal Chunks are similar to other mineral deposits, except that they are one of the rarest of them. They need to be broken with weapons to collect. They are a large blue-colored glowing mineral, and it won’t be difficult to locate them once on the screen.

How to Farm Crystal chunk in Genshin Impact

The best location to farm Crystal Chunks is Stormterror’s Lair. The location has plenty of Crystal Chunks. The only negative thing here is that the location is only accessible when you reach the final quest series in the Prologue. Hence, it requires an adventure level of 18. If you don’t have that level yet, don’t worry, just read our guide on how to boost adventure rank in Genshin Impact and get all the useful tips to quickly increase your level. Once at the 18 Adventure level, you can easily get Crystal Chunk in Genshin Impact in this location.

crystal chunk farming guide

The other location where you can get a decent amount of Crystal Chunks is at the Minlin inside a cave. When you head there, at the base of Mt. Aozang is a cave with a lake in it. Go straight in and there will be a huge volume of Crystal Chunks available to collect. Just a heads up that the enemies that spawn here are between 25-30 level. Hence, ensure to increase your character level before heading to this location where you can find Crystal Chunks.

genshin impact where to get crystal chunks

Hope this Crystal Chunk farming guide was helpful. All that’s left to do now is to head there and get Crystal Chunks in Genshin Impact. Apart from the Crystal Chunks, you will also need other minerals used in crafting. You can read how to find and farm White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact or where to find Valberry in Genshin Impact.

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