Genshin Impact: How to Get Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown & Purple Photos

Here's a quick guide on how to obtain photos of all colours in Genshin Impact update 1.3.

After finding Ji Tong and taking his faulty Kamera in Genshin Impact update (1.3), you will have to discover items and materials to capture colourful photos. The colours of photos that you have to click through Kurious Kamera are Crimson, Ultramarine, Pale Gold, Ochre, and Purple Aster.

Genshin Impact 1.3 Photo Guide

Before you embark on a journey to photograph photos of all the said colours, let me tell you that the colour of the object that you are trying to capture through Kurious Kamera might not be the same of the colour you will obtain.

Genshin Impact 1.3 Photo Guide

Genshin Impact: How to Get Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, and Purple Photos

To get photos of all colours in Genshin Impact update 1.3, you will have to equip Kurious Kamera from the gadget section. Once equipped, you will see a camera icon appearing on the bottom right corner of the screen. You simply need to tap on it to point towards the object that you want to capture.

Instead of wasting times on discovering objects of the colours that you actually want, you should capture all the clickable items that you come across. It should be noted that you can only click 10 photos a day until the event ‘Five Flushes of Fortune’ ends (February 10, 2021).

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If you are struggling to get pictures of the specific colours, you can swap pictures with your friends, if they have, to meet the requirements. To swap photos during the photo event, you will have to select Photo Swap and browse the resulting list.

Once you have accumulated pictures of Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown and Purple colours, you will have to head back to Ji Tong and exchange them with a Fortune Trove. Upon exchanging these photos, you will get 60 Primogems and either 12 Hero’s Wits, 24 Mystic Enchantment Ore, 0r 120,000 Mora.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get photos of all colours during the Five Flushes of Fortune event. While here, ensure reading about how to get Royal Longsword and how to obtain Lithic Spear in Genshin Impact.