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Where To Find Terrified Schuster In Genshin Impact

Find the scared NPC to progress in the "That Which Fell From The Sky" world quest.

One of the many new quests available after the Genshin Impact Update is “That Which Fell From The Sky.” The quest tasks players to go on a look for Terrified citizens who are scared to return back to the city due to meteorites. One of the NPCs that you will have to find is Terrified Schuster. In this Genshin Impact Terrified Schuster location guide, we will tell you where to easily find the NPC.

Where to Find Terrified Schuster Location in Genshin Impact


You can find Terrified Schuster in Genshin Impact at Stormbearer Point location. He is one of the scared NPCs who are not willing to return to the city. Of course, there will already be a marker indicating that you will find the NPC at Stormbearer Point, but where exactly? Refer to the below image of the exact location of Terrified Schuster.

genshin impact terrified schuster location

You will find Terrified Schuster hiding behind a tree at Stormbearer Point. He will be too terrified and scared. You need to approach and interact with him. He will first say that he is just relaxing there, but then he will give out the actual reason with a side-quest of his own. The side-quest that he will give you is to find Vind, the nun seen around Stomrbearer Point.


To find Vind, you will have to head straight to the edge of the cliffs located in the northwest region of Stomrbearer Point. It’s not that huge a run, and you will easily find Vind. Once you have found the nun and interacted with Terrified Schuster at Stormbearer Point, you can proceed to complete the “That Which Fell From The Sky” world quest in Genshin Impact.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Terrified Schuster in Genshin Impact. The new Update has brought in several new contents, and you can read about all of that in our Genshin Impact Wiki guide. To begin with, you can read how to complete Bounties and where to find Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact. Completing bounties will help you earn Reputation EXP and help you level up in the City Reputation System. On the other hand, finding Bamboo Shoots will help you prepare Bamboo Shoot Soup and Triple-Layered Consomme food items.