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How To Complete Bounties In Genshin Impact

Complete the bounties to level up your City Reputation.

Genshin Impact Update 1.1 has brought in a new City Reputation System. You can level up your City Reputation through four different ways: Bounties, World Exploration, Region Quests, and Requests. Leveling up your Reputation in each City grants you lucrative rewards. In this guide, we will walk you through how to complete bounties in Genshin Impact to earn City Reputation points and Mora.

Genshin Impact Bounties Guide: How to Complete Bounties


To complete bounties in Genshin Impact, you need to head to the location described in the bounty and then use Elemental Sight to find traces that lead to the Bounty target. Finally, destroy the bounty target and the bounty will be completed. Find below a step-by-step guide to complete bounties.

  • Accept bounties from Ms. Yu at Liyue Harbor or Hertha in Mondstadt

how to accept bounties in genshin impact


  • Read the description of the bounty quest to determine the location where you need to go

genshin impact bounty completion guide

  • Open the Genshin Impact map and look for a big yellow circle around the area in the description


how to look for bounty area

  • Head to the location and use elemental Sight to find tracks within 10 minutes

find bounty tracks within 10 minutes

  • Follow the blue trail shown by Elemental Sight to reach a track


using elemental sight in genshin impact

  • Keep using Elemental Sight after every few steps to prevent loss of track

elemental skills in genshin impact

  • Find all the three tracks and destroy the last bounty target track to complete the bounty quest

find and destroy last traget to complete bounties in genshin impact

  • Head back to the appropriate city and interact with the respective agent to get 60, 80, or 100 City Reputation and 20, 000 Mora

genshin impact city reputation leveling up guide

That’s the step-by-step guide to complete bounties in Genshin Impact. The Reputation points that you receive depends on the target that you have to trace and destroy. You can complete 3 bounties per week and the bounties list refreshes every Monday. Accepting and completing bounties will help you level up your City Reputation easily. As you level up your City Reputation, you will get access to various new rewards and features introduced with Genshin Impact Update 1.1.

bounties list in genshin impact

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete bounties in Genshin Impact. Apart from the bounties, you should also consider reading how to find Bamboo Shoots in Genshin Impact. Farming the Bamboo Shoots will let you cook three-star recipes for health regeneration. There’s also a new feature of Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance stones added with the new update. This Resonance Stone features help you find the Oculi so that you don’t have to search hard for the last few ones left.