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Genshin Impact Destroy Dummies In 2 Seconds: How To Complete The Daily Mission

Destroy all the training dummies at once.

Destroying all the dummies within 2 seconds is a daily mission in Genshin Impact. The task is too challenging to be completed as you simply cannot take down all the dummies in just 2 seconds if you go by killing one at a time. But since it is a daily mission, there has to be a way to complete it, and there is. In this guide, we will discuss how you can easily destroy dummies in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact.

How to Destroy Dummies in 2 Seconds in Genshin Impact for “Ellin, the Wannable Knight” Daily Quest


You can destroy all dummies in 2 seconds in Genshin Impact by first bringing all of them very close to zero health and then using an attack that can hit them all at once to destroy them. You see the solution to the trick and the daily mission is all in the wordings. When you meet Ellin the Wannable Knight in Mondstadt, she will ask your help to destroy training dummies in 2 seconds.

genshin impact destroy all dummies in 2 seconds

If you go by that trick, all you need to do is attack all the dummies equally so that all of their health comes close to zero but none of them is destroyed. Once they are all at just one point of their health, use big attacks that can hit several dummies at once to destroy them in 2 seconds. You can use attacks like Sweeping Time, Elemental Burst, Explosive Puppet, or Bomb.


genshin impact destroy all training dummies

The formation of dummies will be random on different days. If they are in multiple groups, you will have to switch between characters quickly and time your attacks in such a way that you can finish all of them off within 2 seconds. Once all the dummies are destroyed in the given time, talk to Ellin to get rewards for completing the daily quest.

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